Review: Zubmariner (Sunless Sea DLC)

The sea already is a harrowing place: from it sailors of old spun tales of gigantic beasts, hidden terrors and many other, unpleasant things. It stands to reason that when said location is transported to the underground – a labyrinthine cave of shifting archipelagos, hungry monsters and scheming devils – the horror would only increase; and it makes even more sense that if you go beneath this Unterzee, to the shipwreck-ridden seabed, the potential for terror and death gets even higher. And indeed, such is the case of Zubmariner, Sunless Sea‘s [Official Site] first major expansion. Continue reading “Review: Zubmariner (Sunless Sea DLC)”


Sunless Sea’s Zubmariner out in less than a week

And it has a trailer now, nice. Sunless Sea‘s [Official Site] Zubmariner is the first content pack for the role-playing slash exploration game by Fallen London developers Failbetter Games, and will broaden – or deepen – your frontiers by introducing the Unter-unterzee. It’s out in less than a week, on the 11th, free for those who bought the game in Early Access, almost a year after it was first announced. Continue reading “Sunless Sea’s Zubmariner out in less than a week”

Sunless Sea Zumbariner DLC zails into the unter-unterzee on October 11th

Ahoy, zailors! If you felt that you’d seen everything there was to seen in Sunless Sea‘s Unterzee, having charted its mercurial geography and established spy rings in its most populous enclaves, I bring good news: access to the depths of the underground sea will be available on the 11th of October, less than two months from now. If you hadn’t heard of the expansion, the aptly named Zubmariner will allow you to change your ship into a submarine, going beneath the water’s surface, where new horrors and oddities await. Continue reading “Sunless Sea Zumbariner DLC zails into the unter-unterzee on October 11th”