Norman’s Sky

War. War never changes. After shooting my way through a few hours of New World Interactive’s take on World War II, I am glad they didn’t change it. What started off as a total conversion mod on the popular modern-military shooter Insurgency, quickly grew into a standalone release on Steam. Priced at $19.99 USD, Day of Infamy sticks to its guns by providing a multiplayer experience that doesn’t stray away from the beaten path provided by classic FPS games such as Day of Defeat and Red Orchestra. As a result, the game feels polished and provides an enjoyable and tense multiplayer experience. Continue reading “Norman’s Sky”


Review: Hearts of Iron IV

Hearts of Iron is a game about the inevitable. The tides of war are coming, and all you can do is best guide your nation – be it to partake in the conflict, or to try and stay out of it. Paradox has tried, and for the most part succeeded, with its policy of cutting out the fat and leaving only the interesting in the game, and even when I played the behemoth that the USSR was I never had to bother with the minute details of economy and production, and when the war came and I had to fend against Germans and Japanese on fronts that were continents apart, I found myself with a system that both allowed me to control it in detail or delegate the tactical decisions to the AI. Continue reading “Review: Hearts of Iron IV”