Review: Zubmariner (Sunless Sea DLC)

The sea already is a harrowing place: from it sailors of old spun tales of gigantic beasts, hidden terrors and many other, unpleasant things. It stands to reason that when said location is transported to the underground – a labyrinthine cave of shifting archipelagos, hungry monsters and scheming devils – the horror would only increase; and it makes even more sense that if you go beneath this Unterzee, to the shipwreck-ridden seabed, the potential for terror and death gets even higher. And indeed, such is the case of Zubmariner, Sunless Sea‘s [Official Site] first major expansion. Continue reading “Review: Zubmariner (Sunless Sea DLC)”


The Curious Expedition soon out of early access, massive update and celebratory video included

It’s been a long trek for The Curious Expedition – the roguelike survival game where you get to play Tesla – dozens of updates, over a year in early access and a couple of free-to-play weekends, their journey is now coming to an end – or, at the very least, the early access leg of that journey. Continue reading “The Curious Expedition soon out of early access, massive update and celebratory video included”

Don’t Starve’s expansion Shipwrecked sails out of Early Access

And the above image roughly translates my relationship with the game: a permanent, subdued sense of despair at imminent death and starvation, never quite giving up (notice how he faux-calmly grasps the ship’s mast, as if that were going to help him) but never fooling myself about extended survival. I may have had a pirate hat and a ship of my own, but Starvation was my true captain. Continue reading “Don’t Starve’s expansion Shipwrecked sails out of Early Access”

The Hungry Games

I know what you’re thinking. Another rushed early access game on steam = Skip. I must stop you right there. Although The Culling may look like a generic battle royale type game, once you delve deeper into the game, you realize that it is much more than that. ‘The Culling’ by Xaviant games is a stand alone entry into the battle royale genre. This is a great game for learning about friendship and betrayal. Nothing screams life lesson like the guy that you just helped turning around and stabbing you right in your heart. A great educational game for adults who want to find out what the corporate world is like. Continue reading “The Hungry Games”

New, free expedition for exploring roguelike Renowned Explorers: International Society

Renowned Explorers: International Society [Official Site] is a game about being a mean dickwad to everyone you meet. I hear there are other ways of playing it, but I can’t see why’d anyone want to do that. I played and praised it when it first came out, and after a few months of bugfixing and balance updates the team at Abbey Games have prepared the first content DLC for it – and it’s free! Continue reading “New, free expedition for exploring roguelike Renowned Explorers: International Society”

Sirs, You Are Being Hunted: multiplayer update to roguelike survival game

Have you ever felt the thrill of being hunted? No, probably not, because it’s not thrilling at all. Have you felt the thrill of emulating the feeling of being hunted? If you’ve played Sir, You Are Being Hunted, you have. In it, you play as a lady or sir being hunted by posh, British robots who dislike noise-making gentlemen, working toward an exit from the dangerous isles by means of stealth, deception and, if you think you’re up to the task of facing murderous robots with their cyber-hounds, brawn. Up to now, you had to do so alone, but now you can buddy up with other sirs and madams to brave this island – up to a point. Continue reading “Sirs, You Are Being Hunted: multiplayer update to roguelike survival game”

All expenses paid journey into The Curious Expedition

You heard me, so pick your favorite explorer, prepare your gear and pick crew members which are the least likely to cannibalize one another! The Curious Expedition is free for the weekend! With plenty of content already available despite being in early access, now’s as good a time as any to see if this exploration game is your cup of tea.