All hail the Goblin King! Goblins of Elderstone is a tribe simulator on Kickstarter

I’ve always liked Goblins. When I first read The Lord of the Rings, I couldn’t help but feel that these industrious, creative and hard-working bunch were getting the blunt end of the stick because people let themselves be swayed by pretty elves with their golden hair and sweet voices. Goblins of Elderstone [Kickstarter Page] recognizes their merit: a city tribe-builder where you govern over a clan of goblins in their task of consolidating their tribe and protecting themselves from the violence of those prejudicial towards them. Continue reading “All hail the Goblin King! Goblins of Elderstone is a tribe simulator on Kickstarter”


Review: Kingdom: New Lands

Kingdom: New Lands, an expansion of pixel-beauty Kingdom, is a minimalist strategy game where you must build a small settlement and keep your people, and more importantly, your crown, safe from increasingly large hordes of evil critters, who at night spawn from multiple portals to test your defenses. It’s been nearly a year since the first game was released, and now the developers are bringing an updated, expanded version to both Steam and the Xbox One, free for owners of the original game – but what exactly does change? Continue reading “Review: Kingdom: New Lands”

Expand your reign in “Kingdom: New Lands”

The games’ industry has some interesting particularities. The hat-market in Team Fortress 2 – yes, virtual hats – moves millions of dollars a year. MMORPGs have increased revenue by tenfold since they found out they could sell mounts for the price of triple-A games. I imagine that it was with this in mind that the developers of Kingdom, the minimalist monarchy simulator (yes, that’s how I’m describing games now – something simulator), developed Kingdom: New Lands, a new game based on the original one that’s said to have a “deluge of new mounts“, among other, irrelevant things. It’s much easier to find on search engines, too. Continue reading “Expand your reign in “Kingdom: New Lands””

Satellite Reign can now be ruined by your friends

If playing heist games like Payday and Monaco in co-op has taught me anything is that chaos, mayhem and frustration are directly related to how many people you game with, likely related to the universal truth that the people you game with are generally dumber than you. It certainly gave me a new appreciation for Danny Ocean and his crew. Satellite Reign, the Syndicate-inspired cyberpunk strategy game, now features full, 4-player co-op. Continue reading “Satellite Reign can now be ruined by your friends”

Review: More to Explore (Renowned Explorers: International Society DLC)

Renowned Explorers [Official Site] first came out nearly a year ago and I enjoyed what I played of it, remarking back then that it was a game that could be made even better by adding new expeditions and content. Abbey Games’ have done just that with their free updates and content patches, such as the Mali Expedition, and have added two more expeditions, along with a couple of new mechanics, with the first paid DLC, More to Explore. Here’s what I thought. Continue reading “Review: More to Explore (Renowned Explorers: International Society DLC)”

Review: Duskers

Brendan had just finished docking into the generator and powering up the adjacent rooms. Jeff, having successfully towed the shut down carcass of Sarah back onto the ship, waited patiently as the others finished rounding up fuel and materials from the derelict station. Having lured a detected hostile into a room with automated defenses that Jeff had previously turned on, I figured I should send Ethan back into that room to recover whatever the deceased hostile had on its body. I told him to run the motion sensors one more time – everything seemed to be fine, the room as sterile as only space can be. I toggled myself back to the layout interface, input the command for Brendan and Jeff to return to our ship and told Ethan to navigate to the room with the deceased hostile. We came in three and went back in two, because to the turret I forgot to deactivate, Ethan was as much an intruder as the alien. Continue reading “Review: Duskers”

Review: Armello

If you were to plot a graph comparing sociability and type of game, board games would sit high on the scale. There’s a special type of fun to be had in holding back that grin when you have that perfect card to foil your friend’s plan, and then flipping the board and storming out of the room when he has just the thing to prevent you from doing it. Armello tries, and mostly succeeds, in taking that feeling from the living room to the computer. Continue reading “Review: Armello”