Stellaris’ first major patch, Clarke, now in beta

Fear not, space rulers, for the days when you had to contend with being a mere emperor instead of The Supreme Galactic Overlord(ess) are now over. The first major update for Stellaris, Clarke, is now available on Steam’s beta branch (right-click game, select properties, go to the betas tab and opt-in) and with it a slew of improvements, bugfixes and additions. Continue reading “Stellaris’ first major patch, Clarke, now in beta”


Things to know before you play Stellaris

There’s a new kid in the proverbial Grand Strategy town – Stellaris [Official Site]. I’ve had it in hands for over a couple of weeks and have played the flawed, yet unique and interesting space strategy game for nearly a hundred hours, throughout which I’ve meddled with peaceful empires that kept to their own and zealots that fanatically purged every alien they met. It’s a game of exploration and colonization, of genocide and eugenics, and most of all it’s a game where space cockroaches value democracy more than I do. I’ve also had great fun trouncing certain writers from our website (not Arvind). Here are a few tips I wish I’d known before playing. Continue reading “Things to know before you play Stellaris”

A Noob’s view on Stellaris’ Tutorial

So it has come to down to this. The other day, Francisco managed to convince me to try out the upcoming grand strategy game by Paradox Interactive, Stellaris. Whilst I haven’t been a big fan of grand strategy games in the past, I decided to throw my inhibitions about the game out the window and give it a good old try. My fear of getting perplexed by the daunting scale of the task at hand were soon put to ease by the brilliant tutorial system and gradual learning curve. Continue reading “A Noob’s view on Stellaris’ Tutorial”

Review: Stellaris

It took little more than fifty years for me to establish galactic supremacy as the Igarian Galactic Assembly. A military republic of religious, long-living felines, it was my manifest destiny to hold political and military sway over the other space-faring peoples. True, I may have shared technology with underdeveloped civilizations with the sole intent of having them as march-states against other, growing empires; and my sprawling web of vassals was mostly the fruit of military intervention, rather than voluntary co-operation; but as a xenophile I never enslaved or exterminated an alien species, even when they were little more than over-sized, rebellious ants, and when the Gold Concordat threatened to expand into my circle of influence I, instead of crushing them, joined their alliance and, as its strongest member, pushed a vote to transform it into the Bright Concord, a pan-species federation where all those willing to work had a place. Continue reading “Review: Stellaris”