New Stellaris story pack to add proper machine empires

“Cast off the shackles of biology”, says the announcement. The second story pack for [Stellaris] [Review][Official Site], the 4X-meets-Grand Strategy game by Paradox Interactive, has no set release date yet, but an announcement page and trailer reveal that the Synthetic Dawn story pack, released later this year, will allow players to begin the game as a Machine Empire. Continue reading “New Stellaris story pack to add proper machine empires”


Horizon Signal free DLC arrives alongside 1.4 patch for Stellaris

Stellaris [Review] has just grown a bit eventful with its new event DLC, Horizon Signal, written by ex-Failbetter’s Alexis Kennedy, the same Kennedy the new patch is named after. Called a mix of The Twilight Zone and Event Horizon by the author, Horizon Signal will feature a full-on space ghost story in a large series of connected events (as detailed on the writer’s blog), as opposed to the more common individual storylines the game already has. Continue reading “Horizon Signal free DLC arrives alongside 1.4 patch for Stellaris”

Leviathans and Heinlein Patch out for Stellaris on October 20th

Stellaris [Review][Official Site] is getting its first expansion, Leviathans, alongside its third major patch, on the 20th of October. Among new storylines and weird creatures to encounter it’ll add another notch to the list of things that get better with dragons, and yes, 4x Strategy games in space is one of them. Continue reading “Leviathans and Heinlein Patch out for Stellaris on October 20th”

It Came from the Deep (Space): Leviathans expansion for Stellaris

I knew only good things could come out from Sunless Sea’s Creative Director Alexis Kennedy partnership with Paradox Interactive, and indeed my suspicions seem confirmed: Stellaris’ [Review] first expansion, titled Leviathan, has now been announced. It brings changes to Fallen Empires, independent entities and other things, and will be released alongside the Heinlein patch. Continue reading “It Came from the Deep (Space): Leviathans expansion for Stellaris”

Sunless Sea creative director guest writing for Stellaris

There are two ways to start a weekend: the regular way, and the one where you find out that one of the writers for one of gaming’s best collection of words, Sunless Sea, is writing for another game you very much enjoy: Stellaris [Review]. Alexis Kennedy is the creative director and co-founder of Failbetter games, a company best known for their browser-based game Fallen London and the exploration role-playing game Sunless Sea, and will be guest writing content for Paradox’s space 4x-turned-grand strategy game. Continue reading “Sunless Sea creative director guest writing for Stellaris”

Stellaris’ new Plantoid species pack sprouts onto Steam

In the style we’ve come to expect of Paradox, given how deep-rooted DLC is in their other Grand Strategy games, comes their latest content pack, the Plantoid species pack for Stellaris [Review], a cosmetic add-on that features fifteen new species portraits and accompanying city art and ship templates. The practice is similar to that in Crusader Kings 2 and Europa Universalis IV, where cosmetic packs abound, though until the start of this year I hadn’t botany. Continue reading “Stellaris’ new Plantoid species pack sprouts onto Steam”

Hearts of Iron IV landing on D-Day

I reckon it’s been a busy month at Paradox Interactive’s studios – first a new IP in the shape of Stellaris [Official Site], then the announcement of their initial public offering of 15% of the company and, just four days from now, on the same date as 1944’s fatidic D-Day (06/06), the release of the fourth entry into their World War 2 centered Grand Strategy series, Hearts of Iron [Official Site]. Continue reading “Hearts of Iron IV landing on D-Day”