Review: Brigador

Pros: mech game for mech enthusiasts, lovingly crafted game engine, great replay value
Cons: horrible control design, story told through expository passages, lack of character interaction

I have spent a long time deciding how to approach this review. As a huge fan of the MechCommander series, and isometric games in general, there is a lot to love about this game: intricate pixel art, newly built mech engine, deep storyline, great soundtrack, lots of replay value, approachable despite its depth. But for all its triumphs, there are some notable setbacks. Continue reading “Review: Brigador”


There is a new ARG, encompassing 15 indie games on Steam.

So the sleuths over at /r/gamedetectives on Reddit have found a crazy new ARG (alternative reality game) that encompasses 15 different Indie Games. This all seems to have stemmed from an eye sigil being found in all of these seperate games. Read on for some more information or you can take a look at this imgur link to find more information. Continue reading “There is a new ARG, encompassing 15 indie games on Steam.”

20 Games for you to bite into for The Sale

So the Steam Summer Sale is finally upon us. The illustrious moment every year where my wallet gets drained by Gaben and the crew at Valve. Whilst this year’s Summer Sale might not have the glitzy flash sales or the ingenious game, there are quite a few deals that are worth picking up. We at Vox Ludicus have compiled a list of 20 games for you to bite into during this ‘Picnic’ Sale. Continue reading “20 Games for you to bite into for The Sale”

Add your Steam games to your GOG library

Ever gone through the following thought process: “I want to like GOG and I’d much prefer its DRM-free policy, but I already have so many games on Steam…”? Worry not! GoG’s new initiative, GOG CONNECT, will now allow you to bring certain games – pending dev/publisher approval – to CD Projekt Red’s platform. Some of these games are also time-limited offers, so you’d best check soon! I, for one, welcome our DRM-free overlords. Continue reading “Add your Steam games to your GOG library”

Review: A Blind Legend

This game reminds me of Daredevil, the tv series, not that horrible film with Ben Affleck. Developed by Dowino, A Blind Legend is an action-adventure game in which you have to rely on your ears to defeat enemies. As a result, a good pair of headphones will be necessary. If you do have a good pair of headphones, then you’re in luck, as you will be able to take part in this sensory experience. Continue reading “Review: A Blind Legend”

A Noob’s view on Stellaris’ Tutorial

So it has come to down to this. The other day, Francisco managed to convince me to try out the upcoming grand strategy game by Paradox Interactive, Stellaris. Whilst I haven’t been a big fan of grand strategy games in the past, I decided to throw my inhibitions about the game out the window and give it a good old try. My fear of getting perplexed by the daunting scale of the task at hand were soon put to ease by the brilliant tutorial system and gradual learning curve. Continue reading “A Noob’s view on Stellaris’ Tutorial”

Review: World’s Fastest Pizza

I know what you’re thinking. A serious review on this game? That is a recipe for disaster, kinda like electing Tony Abbott. ‘World’s Fastest Pizza’ is a high speed rogue-like comedy game about delivering pizza to the hungry customers of a sleazy fast-food restaurant. Developed by Oscar Brittain, you play as Tortoiseman, who also works under the alias of Cornelius Pretorius. Aside from winning the naming lottery, the game’s protagonist also has the prestige of working at fast-food restaurant in the outbacks of Australia. Continue reading “Review: World’s Fastest Pizza”