A specter is haunting Shovel Knight

The specter of free DLC. The developers of Shovel Knight [Official Site], Yacht Club Games, pledged as part of their Kickstarter to release three additional campaigns featuring the bosses Shovel Knight must face. Plague of Shadows came out a bit more than a year ago, and the upcoming campaign, Specter of Torment, will feature the shadowy Specter Knight and his trusty scythe. Continue reading “A specter is haunting Shovel Knight”


Review: Plague of Shadows (Shovel Knight DLC)

Shovel Knight released last year to ubiquitous praise, and when I played it I immediately knew why: with its NES-inspired gameplay and aesthetics, but without the limitations the thirty year hardware has, Shovel Knight managed to have a lengthy campaign with varied environments, enemies and tools to use, never wearing out on its players and tossing in several collectibles, feats and challenges that kept me buried in it for a long time. Plague of Shadows comes more than a year later as its first DLC, free of charge and with a twist of its own: the new protagonist, a seemingly vial alchemist, plays out a similar adventure to the main game and does so at the same time Shovel Knight does his own quest. And he can dance. Continue reading “Review: Plague of Shadows (Shovel Knight DLC)”