The World of Torment: Tides of Numenera

Planescape: Torment was an odd’un, wasn’t it? Compared to the high-fantasy, medievalesque continent of IceWind Dale and Baldur’s Gate, or even the relatively plain steamworks of Arcanum, the multiverse of Planescape was enthralling and unique: talking skulls, death as a mechanic and a sentient alley figured among many other bizarre things that made most cRPGs at the time seem tame in setting. It stands to reason that the spiritual sequel, Torment: Tides of Numenera [Official Site], even if not in the same world, emulates the same bizarreness of its prequel – and there isn’t a better setting for that than the Ninth World. There’s an explanative video below, and a few of my words on the setting as someone who’s played the tabletop game. Continue reading “The World of Torment: Tides of Numenera”


Have you heard of A House of Many Doors?

There are times when I see myself as a sort of pamphleteer, looking at something I enjoy or find interesting and thinking to myself ‘Huh, more people should know of this’. Such is the case with books, TV shows and, evidently, games. I talked of A House of Many Doors back when it was being kickstarted, and since then – with both the kickstarter funds and Failbetter’s Fundbetter initative – it has come a long way. Have you heard of it? Continue reading “Have you heard of A House of Many Doors?”

Morning Men looks good, looks for your vote

In a year where casting your vote might often seem meaningless or pointless, where you either choose the lesser of two evils or concede to dramatic changes you personally didn’t side with, it’s good to find a place of solace: Steam Greenlight, where you can shape the future of mankind by arbitrating which games are sold and which are not. That’s some power. Morning Men is an adventure game meets RPG looking precisely at getting your vote. Continue reading “Morning Men looks good, looks for your vote”

GLITCHED is here to get money and break the 4th wall

Described as a story driven RPG where decisions shape the world, GLITCHED [Kickstarter Page] is looking for funds to help tear asunder that quaint fourth wall. Do you like RPGs? Do you like Undertale? Do you like that there’s a spider-starfish-thing called Dennis? Take a gander. Continue reading “GLITCHED is here to get money and break the 4th wall”

Review: Necropolis

A rogue-like dungeon crawler that inspires itself on Dark Souls, has a gorgeous art style, decent enemy variety and a readily available drop-in co-op mode that’s a blast to play. What could possibly go wrong, I thought to myself? Many things, it turns out. Continue reading “Review: Necropolis”

Can’t be the King of the World, If you’re Slave to the Grind! – Early Evaluation of Secrets of Grindea

Oh, Secrets of Grindea, how I wish I could like you. But you have instead earned from me the moniker “Secrets of Crashia”.

Seriously, this game despite being in EA for the last year or so is still a bit of a buggy mess, at least in Story Mode. And given that I play games like this for the story… yeah.

Let’s get into my Pillars and discuss the good… and the bad.

Oh, and the title of this post is a reference to this sweet song from the 80’s by Skid Row. Continue reading “Can’t be the King of the World, If you’re Slave to the Grind! – Early Evaluation of Secrets of Grindea”

Review: Marvel Heroes 2016

Pros: Surprising amount of depth, varied and engaging heroes, plenty of loot to sort through
Cons: Can be overwhelming for newcomers, too many in-game currencies, bank space fills up fast

From the original boring wasteland that was this game three years ago to a gem of an ARPG, Marvel Heroes hits so many of the right notes when it comes to fun, fast, engaging, and ultimately satisfying gameplay. Continue reading “Review: Marvel Heroes 2016”