Review: Enter the Gungeon

I like to think that the Gungeon is an artistic rendition of what paradise is for gun-lovers and second amendment nuts. Your enemies are bullets and ordnance, your accessories are guns, your health bar is comprised of red bullets and generally speaking everything is either named after or made to look like a gun or ammunition. It’s also a roguelike, bullet hell shoot’em up with a zany soundtrack and deceivingly cute pixelart graphics that seems to draw inspiration from both The Binding of Isaac and Nuclear Throne, and one of the hardest games I’ve played this year. Continue reading “Review: Enter the Gungeon”


Review: More to Explore (Renowned Explorers: International Society DLC)

Renowned Explorers [Official Site] first came out nearly a year ago and I enjoyed what I played of it, remarking back then that it was a game that could be made even better by adding new expeditions and content. Abbey Games’ have done just that with their free updates and content patches, such as the Mali Expedition, and have added two more expeditions, along with a couple of new mechanics, with the first paid DLC, More to Explore. Here’s what I thought. Continue reading “Review: More to Explore (Renowned Explorers: International Society DLC)”

Review: Duskers

Brendan had just finished docking into the generator and powering up the adjacent rooms. Jeff, having successfully towed the shut down carcass of Sarah back onto the ship, waited patiently as the others finished rounding up fuel and materials from the derelict station. Having lured a detected hostile into a room with automated defenses that Jeff had previously turned on, I figured I should send Ethan back into that room to recover whatever the deceased hostile had on its body. I told him to run the motion sensors one more time – everything seemed to be fine, the room as sterile as only space can be. I toggled myself back to the layout interface, input the command for Brendan and Jeff to return to our ship and told Ethan to navigate to the room with the deceased hostile. We came in three and went back in two, because to the turret I forgot to deactivate, Ethan was as much an intruder as the alien. Continue reading “Review: Duskers”

Fabular, a game about many things

Few games have a one-line summary that describes them as ‘a medieval space folktale with action-RPG and roguelike influences’, and Fabular [Kickstarter Page][Official Site] is one of them. I don’t know what’s up with the whole trend of taking a bunch of genres and smashing them together, but this time around we have a game that also coalesces different settings into a single entity. While only time will tell if this works, there’s one thing that Fabular clearly has going for it already: the artstyle. Continue reading “Fabular, a game about many things”

Review: Overfall

Overfall is one of those games: it takes a bundle of genres and puts them together, each with varying depth and intricacy. It’s a game of role-playing, as you create your initial party, recruit followers and do quests for multiple factions; of strategy, as you’ll have to balance managing your supplies and food alongside the grid, turn-based combat; and roguelike, as each procedurally generated run will have different routes and permanent death, should both of your original party members perish. As is often the cases with these types of games, the question to be asked is whether these different genres coalesce into something meaningful or just fall into a convoluted, identity-lacking heap. Continue reading “Review: Overfall”

Review: World’s Fastest Pizza

I know what you’re thinking. A serious review on this game? That is a recipe for disaster, kinda like electing Tony Abbott. ‘World’s Fastest Pizza’ is a high speed rogue-like comedy game about delivering pizza to the hungry customers of a sleazy fast-food restaurant. Developed by Oscar Brittain, you play as Tortoiseman, who also works under the alias of Cornelius Pretorius. Aside from winning the naming lottery, the game’s protagonist also has the prestige of working at fast-food restaurant in the outbacks of Australia. Continue reading “Review: World’s Fastest Pizza”

Living life a quarter mile at a time

A couple days ago, the people over at the Humble Bundle finally dropped their monthly bundle. There were a few standout games that caught my eye but I will be honest, Switchcars was not one of those games. However, once I decided to load up this ‘vehicular rogue-like’ game, I was pleasantly surprised. It was like finding that elusive piece of pizza that had been sitting at the back of the fridge for days, sure I was hesitant to try it at first, but after going for it, I was glad I did. Continue reading “Living life a quarter mile at a time”