Descent into the Caves of Qud

Yurl was a sentient cucumber plant that acted as the main merchant of Kyakukya, my first respite after days of traveling through the jungles and canyons of Qud. I had gone there to acquire a book on diseases, as a fortnight ago I’d ventured into a fungal cave and had been infected with both Fickle Gill and Glowcrust, which by then had spread across two of my four arms and one of my hands. Having bartered with the mayor for the book, I glanced at the ingredients required and decided to stock up on provisions before setting out to make my antidote.

Yurl was a sentient cucumber plant, and plants had a feud with fungoides. To it, a horned, four-armed creature with spores growing out of its arms and back represented some sort of primeval enemy, and that was me. I won that battle, but in the end met the same fate as Yurl. Continue reading “Descent into the Caves of Qud”


FORCED gets more SHOWDOWN in upcoming Drone Invasion DLC

FORCED SHOWDOWN is like the rebellious son who looks at his father, successful but not to his liking, and decides to be everything but him. I had to stifle a laugh whenever I saw someone hopeful that FORCED’s sequel (spiritual or direct, you call it) would be a similar, co-op puzzle game – instead, what did they get? An action-rpg that’s a MOBA with deckbuilding elements and hey, why not rogue too, with pets, of course. It also has DLC coming out on the 31st. Continue reading “FORCED gets more SHOWDOWN in upcoming Drone Invasion DLC”

Nuclear Throne or Enter the Gungeon?

Let’s entertain the hypothetical scenario of you having to pick either Nuclear Throne [Early Evaluation] or Enter the Gungeon [Review] as the game you’re going to play, whatever the reason for such a limitation may be. You glance at one’s storefront, watch their trailers, observe that the other is the foremost recommended game if you’re looking for something similar, and ask yourself: now what? Luckily for you, I’m here to help. Continue reading “Nuclear Throne or Enter the Gungeon?”

The Curious Expedition soon out of early access, massive update and celebratory video included

It’s been a long trek for The Curious Expedition – the roguelike survival game where you get to play Tesla – dozens of updates, over a year in early access and a couple of free-to-play weekends, their journey is now coming to an end – or, at the very least, the early access leg of that journey. Continue reading “The Curious Expedition soon out of early access, massive update and celebratory video included”

Review: Necropolis

A rogue-like dungeon crawler that inspires itself on Dark Souls, has a gorgeous art style, decent enemy variety and a readily available drop-in co-op mode that’s a blast to play. What could possibly go wrong, I thought to myself? Many things, it turns out. Continue reading “Review: Necropolis”

Review: Enter the Gungeon

I like to think that the Gungeon is an artistic rendition of what paradise is for gun-lovers and second amendment nuts. Your enemies are bullets and ordnance, your accessories are guns, your health bar is comprised of red bullets and generally speaking everything is either named after or made to look like a gun or ammunition. It’s also a roguelike, bullet hell shoot’em up with a zany soundtrack and deceivingly cute pixelart graphics that seems to draw inspiration from both The Binding of Isaac and Nuclear Throne, and one of the hardest games I’ve played this year. Continue reading “Review: Enter the Gungeon”

Review: More to Explore (Renowned Explorers: International Society DLC)

Renowned Explorers [Official Site] first came out nearly a year ago and I enjoyed what I played of it, remarking back then that it was a game that could be made even better by adding new expeditions and content. Abbey Games’ have done just that with their free updates and content patches, such as the Mali Expedition, and have added two more expeditions, along with a couple of new mechanics, with the first paid DLC, More to Explore. Here’s what I thought. Continue reading “Review: More to Explore (Renowned Explorers: International Society DLC)”