Review: GoNNER

A snake ate and shat me into a room full of enemies: I haven’t had a new level start as inglorious as this since I last played Nidhogg. GoNNER [Official Site] is Art in Heart’s first project, a sequel of sorts to developer Ditto’s pay-what-you-want Hets, available on, and it’s got style. This is a platformer that’ll have you running through procedurally-generated levels while gunning your enemies down and doing your best not to, literally, lose your head, all of this while trying to never stand still for more than a second. Continue reading “Review: GoNNER”


Review: N++

We’ve all heard of N. It may have been as exactly that, just N, the flash version of the platformer you got good at for bragging rights, or the 360 version, that didn’t change a whole lot but did have more of N. It stands to reason that the latest version, N++, is exactly that: it’s still very much N, but with more of everything. You’ll still have to dash around levels collecting gold – you’re a greedy ninja who can’t resist its allure – and avoiding enemies and hazards, but instead of ten or a hundred levels, there’s thousands of ’em. Continue reading “Review: N++”

N++ ninjas itself onto PC on the 25th

Yes, add an to a word and it becomes a verb. N++ is a minimalist platforming game where you have to jump and slide a lot with a stick-figure that looks like a ninja – the N series has done the rounds for over twelve years as N on gaming website Kongregate and as N+ on the X360, DS and PSP, and now it’s coming to Steam as, yes, N++. You pronounce it N add add. Continue reading “N++ ninjas itself onto PC on the 25th”

Review: Shadwen

Greetings everyone, I suppose an introduction is due.  I’m Tango and, naturally, I love video games – doesn’t matter how many bits, I play ’em. I cherish Stealth games, so what better way to start up on this site than with a review on one? Ladies and gentlemen, without further ado, the review.

An assassin hell-bent on eliminating the king of a dreary medieval land, all the while taking care of a child who’s lost it all. Sounds good on paper, but is Shadwen a Shadwin? Continue reading “Review: Shadwen”

Freeware Archive: Conquer the Shadow World

It’s in the pose. I mean, the cowboy hat certainly helps, but it’s that slick, laid back pose that really gets the message across. It’s got panache; confidence. This isn’t a cowboy to be messed with. This is not a cowboy I would mess with. That’s mostly true when I’m not playing, however, as Sebastian Janisz’s (click his name’s link, trust me) Conquer the Shadow World is a difficult game where you’ll watch that pixelated hardass die dozens of times before making any meaningful progress. Continue reading “Freeware Archive: Conquer the Shadow World”

Freeware Archive: Tower of Heaven

Tower of Heaven [Flash] is one of those games I can wholeheartedly recommend, safe in the knowledge that anyone who thinks it’s bad is a fool. It’s a platformer with a twist, as hard as it is short. Continue reading “Freeware Archive: Tower of Heaven”

Yooka-Laylee, platformer by former Banjo-Kazooie devs, trailer out

Does jumping around with a pair of cute-looking creatures in a colorful world sound like your thing? Yooka-Laylee [Official Site] is a platformer by the creative minds behind Banjo-Kazooie and Donkey Kong Country that’s slated for an early 2017 release. Just like in Banjo-Kazooie you can expect different gameplay mechanics for each character, which you’ll have to use to traverse the levels. The E3 trailer is now out, with some self-directed roasting by the developers (“Pfft. You can’t trust this lot… it’ll probably have car sections by then.”) and it looks like honest to god, colorful fun – check it out below. Continue reading “Yooka-Laylee, platformer by former Banjo-Kazooie devs, trailer out”