Indie Spotlight: Replica

Indie Spotlight is a new, regularly posted segment written by me that will highlight some really good and often overlooked Indie games that are available on Steam. If you’re someone who enjoys the indie side of Steam, this may be the segment for you. 

Replica is an interactive novel game developed by Somi that manages to create a captivating experience that results in a moral dilemma over your actions. Do you keep intruding the privacy of an unkown stranger just so you follow the orders of a mystery man who ‘guides’ you through the game? Playing this game has been a joy from start to finish and by reading on, you can find out why… Continue reading “Indie Spotlight: Replica”


Hyper Light Drifter (finally) released

To say that Heart-Machine’s indie action-adventure game Hyper Light Drifter has been eagerly anticipated by both backers and gamers in general since it was first announced would be an understatement: the game drew in nearly thirty times its asking funds and had an initial release estimated for June of 2014, nearly two years ago. It’s now out on Steam and GOG with a discount of 10%, putting it at $17.99. Continue reading “Hyper Light Drifter (finally) released”

Review: The Count Lucanor

Playing The Count Lucanor made me realize how rare fairy tale games are on the PC, and this game is very much a video game of a fairy tale. A tad on the grim side, perhaps, much like pre-Disney stories were, but a fairy tale nonetheless. With its pixel graphics and Bach’s works turned into chiptune as a soundtrack, as well as a few cutscene sequences that’ll remind you of a Studio Ghibli film, there’s little doubt that in the aesthetics department the game is well furnished – and what of the rest? Continue reading “Review: The Count Lucanor”

Minimalist strategy game “Kingdom” coming to the PC

Former strategy flash game Kingdom is slated to come soon to PC, Mac, iOS and Android. Having met success with their pixel art game in the online Flash game scene, developers Noio and Licorice[1] decided to bring Kingdom to the iOS, and after being granted funding by the Nordic Gaming Program in the amount of 200,000 Danish kroner (roughly USD 30k), transferred development to Unity as a means to bring it to multiple platforms, including the PC, Mac, iOS and Android. Continue reading “Minimalist strategy game “Kingdom” coming to the PC”

Review: Serpent in the Staglands

The past couple of years have been a wonder for fans of cRPGs. Divinity: Original Sin with its alluring combat and open-ended mechanics; Pillars of Eternity with its superb writing and beautiful world; Wasteland 2 with its post-apocalyptic setting and difficult choices to make. Serpent in the Staglands arrives smack in the middle of these heavy-hitters, with their higher budgets and bigger developing teams, and manages to carve a spot of its own among the more famous games in this cRPG renaissance. Continue reading “Review: Serpent in the Staglands”

First Impressions: Serpent in the Staglands

This game has been reviewed! Check it out here

Serpent in the Staglands is a cRPG released in 2015, created by indie developers Whalenought Studios. A first look might have you thinking that you’re playing an RPG from the late 90’s, and you’d be wrong: Serpent in the Staglands is merely disguising itself as such. Behind the isometric, real time with pause, party-based game that marked a generation of memorable RPGs are novel mechanics and an intriguing setting that places it apart from classics such as Baldur’s Gate and IceWind Dale.

Continue reading “First Impressions: Serpent in the Staglands”