Pillars of Eternity II – Trailer, Fig and Information

Pillars of Eternity [Review] came out a couple of years ago, the spiritual successor to Baldur’s Gate (if you ignored Dragon’s Age existence), and since then Obsidian have sharpened their experience in both the genre and the engine with the releases of downloadable content and Tyranny [Review], another cRPG. Now, they’ve launched a campaign on Fig – already successfully funded, but always looking for additional money to meet its stretch goals and, well, profits – for the second game, set on the Deadfire Archipelago. Here’s the lowdown on the project, setting and information available so far. Continue reading “Pillars of Eternity II – Trailer, Fig and Information”


Tyranny release date announced, pre-order trailer released

Tyranny was announced earlier this year as Obsidian’s next big cRPG, following the success of Pillars of Eternity [Review], and Paradox has now informed us that the game has a set release date: twenty-seven days from now, on the 10th of November. Accompanying the announcement comes a pre-order trailer for the game, which can now be purchased on Steam, GoG and the Humble Store for $44.99 or whatever your regional pricing sets it to. Continue reading “Tyranny release date announced, pre-order trailer released”

The characters of Tyranny

This post is the first in my series on Tyranny, where I’ll cover in broad strokes its world: from the inhabitants and geography to the factions that populate it and their fearsome leaders. All of this is subject to being expanded, given the game’s unreleased nature, and I’ll keep the posts updated as required.

Tyranny is the cRPG being developed by Obisidan (Fallout: New Vegas, South Park: The Stick of Truth), the developers of kickstarter record-breaker Pillars of Eternity [Review] in partnership with Paradox Interactive. It uses the same engine as their 2015 game to paint a world of strife and destruction, where you’re not tasked with stopping evil – it having won already and all that. Given that being evil in role-playing games often devolves to caricaturesque actions such as gut-punching a reporter, the little devil on my shoulder gleefully claps at the opportunity of playing a game where evil is given more than one dimension. In any case, the developers have steadily released development logs where they detail the world, its lore and inhabitants – here’s the lowdown on who you’ll play as and some of the shown companions. Continue reading “The characters of Tyranny”

Torment: Tides of Numenera shores up on Steam Early Access

To say Torment: Tides of Numenera is an eagerly anticipated game would be an understatement. The crowd-funded game, which at the time was the most funded video game on Kickstarter, receiving just shy of 4.2 million dollars from 74,405 backers, was initially slated for a late-2014 release, but since then its release date has been pushed more than once and is currently expected to come out in 2016. An early access version of the game, however, is now out on Steam, where you can play the first ten or so hours – if you’re willing to face the myriad of bugs users have been reporting. Continue reading “Torment: Tides of Numenera shores up on Steam Early Access”

Human stretch goal Chris Avellone reached on Divinity: Original Sin 2

Can I celebrate? /throws confetti

You heard me: legendary cRPG writer Chris Avellone, who’s worked on the likes of Planescape: Torment; Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2, Fallout: New Vegas; Faster Than Light; Pillars of Eternity and many other things is set to write at least one of playable origin stories in Divinity: Original Sin 2. Part of the kickstarter’s list of stretch goals, Chris Avellone was one of the highest voted choices as one of the goals for the kickstarter. You can check the (excited) announcement below: Continue reading “Human stretch goal Chris Avellone reached on Divinity: Original Sin 2”

The White March released

Baldur’s Gate-inspired Pillars of Eternity released earlier this year to pretty much ubiquitous praise. I myself had a few complaints about it, but when push comes to shove I still consider it a hallmark among D&D-inspired cRPG games. As part of their previously announced The White March expansion comes the first half of the DLC, just released on Steam and GOG – you can get just the first part for $9.99 or both for $14.99, though the second act doesn’t have a set release date yet. Continue reading “The White March released”

Review: Pillars of Eternity

The turning years of this century marked one of the most easily recognized ‘golden ages’ of role-playing games, with RPG series such as IceWind Dale, Baldur’s Gate, Torment: Planescape and Fallout, among others, coming out in a short span of years. These titles, more so than some of their other computer predecessors (i.e. The Bard’s TaleThe Pool of Radiance), attempted to recreate the experience of pen and paper role-playing, giving players multiple venues to solve problems and creating a world that reacted to the player’s choices. Pillars of Eternity is an amply funded kickstarted game that, along with other similarly crowdfunded role-playing games, came to satisfy the yearning for an open-world game where player choice matters, and where there are multiple solutions to the same problem. It succeeds greatly in many aspects, but has a few stark failures as well. Continue reading “Review: Pillars of Eternity”