Sunless Sea creative director guest writing for Stellaris

There are two ways to start a weekend: the regular way, and the one where you find out that one of the writers for one of gaming’s best collection of words, Sunless Sea, is writing for another game you very much enjoy: Stellaris [Review]. Alexis Kennedy is the creative director and co-founder of Failbetter games, a company best known for their browser-based game Fallen London and the exploration role-playing game Sunless Sea, and will be guest writing content for Paradox’s space 4x-turned-grand strategy game. Continue reading “Sunless Sea creative director guest writing for Stellaris”


XCOM 2 patch live, optimization and performance changes

While highly praised by both critics and players alike, there’s no question that XCOM 2 had a bit of a rough launch performance-wise: top-spec systems were chugging along during certain sequences, especially inside The Avenger. As a turn-based game, the issues were less of a hindrance than they would’ve been otherwise, but complaints were across the board regardless and Firaxis was quick to promise to look into the issues. A major patch aiming to address these issues has just arrived. Continue reading “XCOM 2 patch live, optimization and performance changes”