Operation Sonnenblume: 1.2 “Sunflower” patch out for Hearts of Iron IV

Hearts of Iron IV [Review], the latest entry into Paradox’s library of Grand Strategy games, has just received its second major patch, Sunflower. Whereas other Paradox grand strategy series span centuries, Hearts of Iron is its World War 2 simulator, where the fate of nations across the globe will be defined in a decade of conflict. While for those who are in a 1.1 save game it might be interesting to remain so, the patch includes a slew of bugfixes and improvements to performance that otherwise you won’t want to miss out on. Continue reading “Operation Sonnenblume: 1.2 “Sunflower” patch out for Hearts of Iron IV”


The characters of Tyranny

This post is the first in my series on Tyranny, where I’ll cover in broad strokes its world: from the inhabitants and geography to the factions that populate it and their fearsome leaders. All of this is subject to being expanded, given the game’s unreleased nature, and I’ll keep the posts updated as required.

Tyranny is the cRPG being developed by Obisidan (Fallout: New Vegas, South Park: The Stick of Truth), the developers of kickstarter record-breaker Pillars of Eternity [Review] in partnership with Paradox Interactive. It uses the same engine as their 2015 game to paint a world of strife and destruction, where you’re not tasked with stopping evil – it having won already and all that. Given that being evil in role-playing games often devolves to caricaturesque actions such as gut-punching a reporter, the little devil on my shoulder gleefully claps at the opportunity of playing a game where evil is given more than one dimension. In any case, the developers have steadily released development logs where they detail the world, its lore and inhabitants – here’s the lowdown on who you’ll play as and some of the shown companions. Continue reading “The characters of Tyranny”

Hearts of Iron IV landing on D-Day

I reckon it’s been a busy month at Paradox Interactive’s studios – first a new IP in the shape of Stellaris [Official Site], then the announcement of their initial public offering of 15% of the company and, just four days from now, on the same date as 1944’s fatidic D-Day (06/06), the release of the fourth entry into their World War 2 centered Grand Strategy series, Hearts of Iron [Official Site]. Continue reading “Hearts of Iron IV landing on D-Day”

Stellaris’ first major patch, Clarke, now in beta

Fear not, space rulers, for the days when you had to contend with being a mere emperor instead of The Supreme Galactic Overlord(ess) are now over. The first major update for Stellaris, Clarke, is now available on Steam’s beta branch (right-click game, select properties, go to the betas tab and opt-in) and with it a slew of improvements, bugfixes and additions. Continue reading “Stellaris’ first major patch, Clarke, now in beta”