The best in indie gaming trailers

These days I was watching movie trailers for released and upcoming films, when a realization dawned on me – well, I’d actually been building up to this realization with each watched trailer in the past few years: they’re all the same. I’m not saying that the indie movie about a dying girl will have the Inception horn, of course, but if it’s an action movie then yes, you can expect Hans Zimmer to crop up, no exceptions, alongside the sweeping camera takes of a city, a mysterious line read by an important character, fading to black, the building up of silence only to be shattered by a loud noise – it’s all there, and much more too. How fortunate for me that I’m curating a list of my favorite indie gaming trailers, then, much less ordinary and dull than whatever’s the trend in movies.  Continue reading “The best in indie gaming trailers”


Nuclear Throne or Enter the Gungeon?

Let’s entertain the hypothetical scenario of you having to pick either Nuclear Throne [Early Evaluation] or Enter the Gungeon [Review] as the game you’re going to play, whatever the reason for such a limitation may be. You glance at one’s storefront, watch their trailers, observe that the other is the foremost recommended game if you’re looking for something similar, and ask yourself: now what? Luckily for you, I’m here to help. Continue reading “Nuclear Throne or Enter the Gungeon?”

Death in doubles comes to Nuclear Throne with online co-op mod

Have you ever played Nuclear Throne? If you haven’t, you should: it is easily one of my favorite games this year (and of the past, still in early access), a fast-paced, quick-to-play roguelike that never lets the action drop. It used to have local co-op, though I never played it due to my mouse and keyboard habits with Nuclear Throne, but now a modder has brought said co-op feature online. Continue reading “Death in doubles comes to Nuclear Throne with online co-op mod”

Review: Enter the Gungeon

I like to think that the Gungeon is an artistic rendition of what paradise is for gun-lovers and second amendment nuts. Your enemies are bullets and ordnance, your accessories are guns, your health bar is comprised of red bullets and generally speaking everything is either named after or made to look like a gun or ammunition. It’s also a roguelike, bullet hell shoot’em up with a zany soundtrack and deceivingly cute pixelart graphics that seems to draw inspiration from both The Binding of Isaac and Nuclear Throne, and one of the hardest games I’ve played this year. Continue reading “Review: Enter the Gungeon”

Nuclear Throne gets an extensive update, to be released soon

Ready your crossbow hammer shovel laser rifle bazooka jackhammer flamethrower super flak gun hyper launcher guns, Nuclear Throne’s clearing out the last, final details as it nears its release date. Here’s the 93rd update, one of the bigger ones, with new art, balancing and voices towed behind the upcoming exit from early access. With the release you can expect your stats to not be erased every other week and a minor price drop. Continue reading “Nuclear Throne gets an extensive update, to be released soon”

Dungeon Souls giveaway wraps up, victors below

After running its two-day course, the Dungeon Souls giveaway is over. We have three winners… Continue reading “Dungeon Souls giveaway wraps up, victors below”

Dungeon Souls giveaway – three copies, no hassle!

What’s better than buying a game? Getting it for free! In heart of being a simple chap myself, the process will be easy – as easy as just leaving a ‘lo in the comment section and crossing your fingers that you get one of the Steam copies. Anyway, about the game: it’s a top-down roguelike hack ‘n’ slash dungeon crawler, with multiple classes to choose from that play differently. If you haven’t seen it yet, check the trailer. RULES BELOW. Continue reading “Dungeon Souls giveaway – three copies, no hassle!”