Review: N++

We’ve all heard of N. It may have been as exactly that, just N, the flash version of the platformer you got good at for bragging rights, or the 360 version, that didn’t change a whole lot but did have more of N. It stands to reason that the latest version, N++, is exactly that: it’s still very much N, but with more of everything. You’ll still have to dash around levels collecting gold – you’re a greedy ninja who can’t resist its allure – and avoiding enemies and hazards, but instead of ten or a hundred levels, there’s thousands of ’em. Continue reading “Review: N++”


N++ ninjas itself onto PC on the 25th

Yes, add an to a word and it becomes a verb. N++ is a minimalist platforming game where you have to jump and slide a lot with a stick-figure that looks like a ninja – the N series has done the rounds for over twelve years as N on gaming website Kongregate and as N+ on the X360, DS and PSP, and now it’s coming to Steam as, yes, N++. You pronounce it N add add. Continue reading “N++ ninjas itself onto PC on the 25th”