Norman’s Sky

War. War never changes. After shooting my way through a few hours of New World Interactive’s take on World War II, I am glad they didn’t change it. What started off as a total conversion mod on the popular modern-military shooter Insurgency, quickly grew into a standalone release on Steam. Priced at $19.99 USD, Day of Infamy sticks to its guns by providing a multiplayer experience that doesn’t stray away from the beaten path provided by classic FPS games such as Day of Defeat and Red Orchestra. As a result, the game feels polished and provides an enjoyable and tense multiplayer experience. Continue reading “Norman’s Sky”


Death in doubles comes to Nuclear Throne with online co-op mod

Have you ever played Nuclear Throne? If you haven’t, you should: it is easily one of my favorite games this year (and of the past, still in early access), a fast-paced, quick-to-play roguelike that never lets the action drop. It used to have local co-op, though I never played it due to my mouse and keyboard habits with Nuclear Throne, but now a modder has brought said co-op feature online. Continue reading “Death in doubles comes to Nuclear Throne with online co-op mod”