Sunless Skies Soars past Kickstarter Goal

My posts about Kickstarter elicit two sentiments: that I’m becoming a mainstream indie gamer, as everything I want is already funded by the time I open their Kickstarter page; and that I’m not as clever a wordsmith as I think I am. Sunless Skies is the next game by developers Failbetter Games, an exploration role-playing game set in the same universe as their two main titles, Fallen London and Sunless Sea, and is currently seeking funds on Kickstarter – they’ve met their initial goal (in less than four hours!), but with stretch goals and whatnot, the sky’s the limit. Continue reading “Sunless Skies Soars past Kickstarter Goal”


All hail the Goblin King! Goblins of Elderstone is a tribe simulator on Kickstarter

I’ve always liked Goblins. When I first read The Lord of the Rings, I couldn’t help but feel that these industrious, creative and hard-working bunch were getting the blunt end of the stick because people let themselves be swayed by pretty elves with their golden hair and sweet voices. Goblins of Elderstone [Kickstarter Page] recognizes their merit: a city tribe-builder where you govern over a clan of goblins in their task of consolidating their tribe and protecting themselves from the violence of those prejudicial towards them. Continue reading “All hail the Goblin King! Goblins of Elderstone is a tribe simulator on Kickstarter”

Kickstart-it: Extreme Gravity Rage

Kickstart-it is a brand new weekly segment where I’ll talk about new, creative projects on Kickstarter, popular projects or anything in between.

F-Zero. A racing series where going under the speed of sound will net you the infamous title of “casul”. A series, which, even though beloved by many, hasn’t seen a proper new entry since the GameCube days. The good ol’ folks over at Next Generation Games might just do what Nintendon’t™ . Continue reading “Kickstart-it: Extreme Gravity Rage”

GLITCHED is here to get money and break the 4th wall

Described as a story driven RPG where decisions shape the world, GLITCHED [Kickstarter Page] is looking for funds to help tear asunder that quaint fourth wall. Do you like RPGs? Do you like Undertale? Do you like that there’s a spider-starfish-thing called Dennis? Take a gander. Continue reading “GLITCHED is here to get money and break the 4th wall”

A world that lives, breathes and dies in Chronicles of Elyria

Ambitious. That’s the first word that came to mind when I saw Chronicles of Elyria [Official Site][Kickstarter Page], an MMORPG that started on Kickstarter looking for a minimum amount of $900k. Less than three days away and and at $1.2m, it’s now looking to reach as many stretch goals as possibles, and boy are the promises and scope of the game broad. As we all know, ambition can be both the cause of great fortune or the path to ruin. Continue reading “A world that lives, breathes and dies in Chronicles of Elyria”

Moonlighter, the child of Zelda and Recettear

I’ve come to the conclusion it’s not work that people don’t like, it’s getting paid to work. Take away any real, tangible reward and suddenly you have people droning away for hours on Korean MMORPGs, Stardew Valley and Farmville. I jest. Or not. In any case, Moonlighter [Official Site][Kickstarter Page] is a game about an ambitious shopkeeper who thinks his five eight hour days working the shop aren’t enough, and decides to head into dangerous dungeons and adventures to get that sweet, secondary source of income. Continue reading “Moonlighter, the child of Zelda and Recettear”

Fable Fortune, a CCG with co-op and set in Albion

I’ve always wondered why there aren’t any games about collecting cards, building decks with these cards and then fighting your friends over the internet with them – truly a genre that has nary been explored. Fortunately, Fable Fortune [Kickstarter Page] is here to mend that flaw and cross that bridge, so to speak. Up on kickstarter for the next month and being developed by developers of the now-shutdown Lionhead Studios, this new Fable seeks a small fortune (hah) in order to continue a project that had been started while Lionhead Studios was still a thing. Continue reading “Fable Fortune, a CCG with co-op and set in Albion”