First Impressions: Phantom Brave

Phantom Brave can hardly be described as a new game, its first release coming out over twelve years ago for the PlayStation 2, but this week marks its first foray onto the PC – hooray! – with all the goodies that twelve years and several different versions entails. I’ve played it a bit and decided it’d be best to bring you the word before I finish and review the game, because it seems that actually beating it will take a decent while. Continue reading “First Impressions: Phantom Brave”


Morning Men looks good, looks for your vote

In a year where casting your vote might often seem meaningless or pointless, where you either choose the lesser of two evils or concede to dramatic changes you personally didn’t side with, it’s good to find a place of solace: Steam Greenlight, where you can shape the future of mankind by arbitrating which games are sold and which are not. That’s some power. Morning Men is an adventure game meets RPG looking precisely at getting your vote. Continue reading “Morning Men looks good, looks for your vote”