Games we don’t delete

Everyone has them: the game that sits in your Steam library, maybe not seeing as much action as it used to, but still with a corner the size of a few gigabytes on your hard drive, waiting patiently for the day the desire to play it again crosses your mind. Continue reading “Games we don’t delete”


Fable Fortune, a CCG with co-op and set in Albion

I’ve always wondered why there aren’t any games about collecting cards, building decks with these cards and then fighting your friends over the internet with them – truly a genre that has nary been explored. Fortunately, Fable Fortune [Kickstarter Page] is here to mend that flaw and cross that bridge, so to speak. Up on kickstarter for the next month and being developed by developers of the now-shutdown Lionhead Studios, this new Fable seeks a small fortune (hah) in order to continue a project that had been started while Lionhead Studios was still a thing. Continue reading “Fable Fortune, a CCG with co-op and set in Albion”