Indie Spotlight: Replica

Indie Spotlight is a new, regularly posted segment written by me that will highlight some really good and often overlooked Indie games that are available on Steam. If you’re someone who enjoys the indie side of Steam, this may be the segment for you. 

Replica is an interactive novel game developed by Somi that manages to create a captivating experience that results in a moral dilemma over your actions. Do you keep intruding the privacy of an unkown stranger just so you follow the orders of a mystery man who ‘guides’ you through the game? Playing this game has been a joy from start to finish and by reading on, you can find out why… Continue reading “Indie Spotlight: Replica”


Review: Furi

Furi is a game about weaving a path between bullets and lasers until you reach one of the many bosses you’ll face, whittling him down until you deal the killing blow and move on to the next boss. It’s hard, it’s fast, and it’s the wet dream of anyone fond of boss rush segments. I’ve played it for a decent bit, though I’ve yet to defeat a couple of bosses, and here are my impressions. Continue reading “Review: Furi”

Review: Jotun

Jotun is, more than anything, a tale about a Viking, her gods and facing giants (the titular Jotun). With gameplay and titanic foes that reminded me of Shadow of the Colossus and an artstyle that’s somewhere between Studio Ghibli and a Disney cartoon from the 90s, Jotun also counts with an astounding soundtrack and Icelandic voiceovers to further flesh out the whole Norse theme. Continue reading “Review: Jotun”

There’s a fungus among us: Mushroom 11 germinates on Steam on the 15th

We eat them, we use them as dyes and medicine has evolved by leaps and bounds in no small part because of them (among other less orthodox uses) – and now, we get to play them. Mushroom 11 is a puzzle platformer where you play a blob of fungal growth, and it sprouts onto Steam on the 15th of October. I’ve had my hands on it for a few days and have played a couple of its chapters, so I’ll give you the lowdown on this indie platformer. Continue reading “There’s a fungus among us: Mushroom 11 germinates on Steam on the 15th”