Freeware Archive: You’re In Space And Everyone Wants You Dead

You’re In Space And Everyone Wants You Dead is a game that’s as self-descriptive as it gets: you, the character behind the arm on the screen, or as I prefer to imagine it, a floating arm in space, have to survive. Period. With similar premise and gameplay to Devil Daggers [Review], it’s not just the fact that it’s free that makes this game worth taking a look at (heck, it’s free – just play it already). Continue reading “Freeware Archive: You’re In Space And Everyone Wants You Dead”


Freeware Archive: Momodora I and Momodora II

I’m going to recommend both of them right off the bat because they’re equal measures short and good. The Momodora series has four entries so far, all of them action platformers where you control a distressed priestess that wields a maple leaf as a weapon, and would ya look at that, the first two of rdein’s games are free. Continue reading “Freeware Archive: Momodora I and Momodora II”

Freeware Archive: Conquer the Shadow World

It’s in the pose. I mean, the cowboy hat certainly helps, but it’s that slick, laid back pose that really gets the message across. It’s got panache; confidence. This isn’t a cowboy to be messed with. This is not a cowboy I would mess with. That’s mostly true when I’m not playing, however, as Sebastian Janisz’s (click his name’s link, trust me) Conquer the Shadow World is a difficult game where you’ll watch that pixelated hardass die dozens of times before making any meaningful progress. Continue reading “Freeware Archive: Conquer the Shadow World”

Freeware Archive: Tower of Heaven

Tower of Heaven [Flash] is one of those games I can wholeheartedly recommend, safe in the knowledge that anyone who thinks it’s bad is a fool. It’s a platformer with a twist, as hard as it is short. Continue reading “Freeware Archive: Tower of Heaven”

Freeware Archive: VoYD

The Freeware Archive is a new, regularly-posted segment that’ll showcase the best of both indie and free – not free-to-play – games. If you made a Venn diagram with the groups freeindie, and good, that middle spot where they intersect is what these posts would be all about.

And the first of the games I’ve gently curated for you lot is VoYD, by NatPash. A minimalist, hack-and-slash game where you cut through other swordsmen that have the same skillset as you do, all to gentle tunes that look like they were taken from a Philip Glass track. Continue reading “Freeware Archive: VoYD”

All expenses paid journey into The Curious Expedition

You heard me, so pick your favorite explorer, prepare your gear and pick crew members which are the least likely to cannibalize one another! The Curious Expedition is free for the weekend! With plenty of content already available despite being in early access, now’s as good a time as any to see if this exploration game is your cup of tea.

Ready your defibrillator, Amnesia: The Dark Descent free on Steam

I’ve always found horror games to be a genre that requires careful balancing. You can’t overexpose your audience to their enemies or predators, as that diminishes the shock value of these experiences until the player feels like he’s in a different genre; linger too long without having him confront his stalkers, however, and the game’s rhythm becomes tediously uneventful. The threat needs to be real and dangerous, but rather than always there the player needs to be forced into a situation of tension where his antagonist is a looming presence, one heartbeat from materializing into existence. Amnesia: The Dark Descent manages do this masterfully, and it’s now free on Steam, with the rest of the series 80% off until Wednesday. Continue reading “Ready your defibrillator, Amnesia: The Dark Descent free on Steam”