Review: Rights of Man (Europa Universalis IV DLC)

Note: a DLC for Europa Universalis IV entails dozens of changes and additions. This review intends to cover them in broad strokes and assess how it changes the game, not the particularities of this or that (for that, check the patch notes linked ahead).

Rights of Man is the ninth expansion for Europa Universalis IV, and is perhaps its largest piece of downloadable content since Art of War. It is also Paradox’s boldest attempt at making the game less centered around Europe and more open to historical changes and different scenarios, ones where East Asia might eventually consolidate a technological advantage over Western Europe. I’ve played a few centuries and have some musings on the expansion, which you can read below. Continue reading “Review: Rights of Man (Europa Universalis IV DLC)”


Rights of Man new developer diary; expansion out in four days

Europa Universalis IV [Official Site] has been around for quite a while – just a bit over three years – but its staying power as Paradox’s best-selling historical strategy game has not diminished, courtesy of eight content packs and frequent updates. Rights of Man [Official Site] was announced a month ago and has just received a long developer diary covering the expansion as a whole, four days away from its release. Continue reading “Rights of Man new developer diary; expansion out in four days”

Our weekend in games

With the Steam Summer Sale having run a week of its ten-day course, it’s safe to say most of us gamers have already picked up one or twelve games, bleeding our wallets dry without having to wait ’til the very last moment to make sure a surprise flash sale won’t make you mumble your disgraces for preemptively buying a now cheaper game. Here’s what we’re playing this weekend! Continue reading “Our weekend in games”

A short guide to what Europa Universalis IV DLC to buy

We’ve all been there – limited funds (or desire to spend them) and the daunting task of having to single out a couple of DLC packages from the myriad of additional content in a Paradox game. With two new major DLCs a year and several cosmetic packs accompanying them, it’s easy to get lost: I’m here to help and tell you which are essential, which depend on what you want to play as and which you might want to wait for a sale. Continue reading “A short guide to what Europa Universalis IV DLC to buy”