Review: Tempest (Endless Legend DLC)

Yes, it is. Very. I’ll still elaborate on why, but if you’re wondering whether Tempest is a worthy successor to Endless Legend‘s [Review] past two DLCs, it is – and I say that as someone who thoroughly enjoyed playing as both the Forgotten and the Allayi. Like any strategy-game expansion worth its salt, Tempest doesn’t merely add or improve on the base game, it adds depth: the reworked ocean and sea-related aspects of the game are at the core of how the Morgawr, the new faction, play, but also heavily influence all other factions and alter the approaches you can take with any of them to consolidate your empire. Continue reading “Review: Tempest (Endless Legend DLC)”


There’s a storm coming: Tempest expansion for Endless Legend out in two days

Despite its pivotal importance, the sea has often been neglected in strategy and 4x games, from units that turn into boats to a near-complete absence of any maritime mechanics . Endless Legend [Review] is receiving its fourth major expansion this weekend, six months after the release of Shifters, and with the aptly named Tempest DLC comes a new faction, naval warfare and other sea-related goodies. Continue reading “There’s a storm coming: Tempest expansion for Endless Legend out in two days”

Review: Endless Legend

Endless Legend [Official Site] is a strategy game, but it’s also a role-playing game. It’s set in a world of science-fiction, but there’s also a sizeable chunk of fantasy (science-fantasy? fantasy-fiction?). It’s a 4X, but not if you play as The Cultists, who can’t expand and have only one, sprawling megalopolis, and while extermination plays a big part for all factions, it plays the biggest for the Necrophage: they know no peace, and broker no alliances and treaties with their foes (AKA: everyone). In true Amplitude style, Endless Legend is a coalescence of genres and styles – which come brilliantly together, really, I won’t make you read to the end to tell you that this is one of the best 4X games I’ve ever played, and certainly among the three most beautiful. Continue reading “Review: Endless Legend”

Winter Is Comi-Improving with new Endless Legend DLC, out next week

And with the improved winter, a new faction. Endless Legend [Official Site] is increasing its DLC roster with an expansion pack that promises to focus on one of the game’s central mechanics – winter – by adding both new features to it and a new faction, called the Allayi, which has specific interactions with the seasons as well. Continue reading “Winter Is Comi-Improving with new Endless Legend DLC, out next week”

Endless Legend receives huge update, Steam Workshop and new hero included

Where I come from we have an expression that roughly translates to “If it’s free, I’ll even take a shot (medicinal) to the forehead” – our (funnier) equivalent of “If it’s free, it’s for me”. It’s even easier to accept free stuff when it comes from Amplitude Studios, the developers behind the Endless series – Endless Space, Endless Legend and Dungeon of the Endless -, who have once more brought free content in spades to their beautiful 4x strategy game, Endless Legend. Continue reading “Endless Legend receives huge update, Steam Workshop and new hero included”