The Hungry Games

I know what you’re thinking. Another rushed early access game on steam = Skip. I must stop you right there. Although The Culling may look like a generic battle royale type game, once you delve deeper into the game, you realize that it is much more than that. ‘The Culling’ by Xaviant games is a stand alone entry into the battle royale genre. This is a great game for learning about friendship and betrayal. Nothing screams life lesson like the guy that you just helped turning around and stabbing you right in your heart. A great educational game for adults who want to find out what the corporate world is like. Continue reading “The Hungry Games”


Living life a quarter mile at a time

A couple days ago, the people over at the Humble Bundle finally dropped their monthly bundle. There were a few standout games that caught my eye but I will be honest, Switchcars was not one of those games. However, once I decided to load up this ‘vehicular rogue-like’ game, I was pleasantly surprised. It was like finding that elusive piece of pizza that had been sitting at the back of the fridge for days, sure I was hesitant to try it at first, but after going for it, I was glad I did. Continue reading “Living life a quarter mile at a time”

Nuclear Throne gets an extensive update, to be released soon

Ready your crossbow hammer shovel laser rifle bazooka jackhammer flamethrower super flak gun hyper launcher guns, Nuclear Throne’s clearing out the last, final details as it nears its release date. Here’s the 93rd update, one of the bigger ones, with new art, balancing and voices towed behind the upcoming exit from early access. With the release you can expect your stats to not be erased every other week and a minor price drop. Continue reading “Nuclear Throne gets an extensive update, to be released soon”

Power to the people! Super Dungeon Run and its murderous peasants

Super Dungeon Run is a lesson on the power of mobs. You’re granted control over a small group of cudgel-wielding peasants who are greedy to their core and will do anything you tell them to if it involves getting gold from the dungeon. Pikmin will come to mind as you play through its monster-infested underworld, a simpler version of the Nintendo game where you chuck your ever-increasing party toward the perils of the dungeon, collecting coins, other peasants, crafting materials and potions as you go deeper and deeper into the dungeon. I played a tad of its early access version, and here’s what I think. Continue reading “Power to the people! Super Dungeon Run and its murderous peasants”

If I were Tesla we would still be writing on typing machines, or how The Curious Expedition is fortunately fictional

Because I would have died at an early age, setting science back several dozen years and making computers the most modern thing of the 2050’s, all because I thought Tesla was better off in the amazonian rainforest than in New York. Good for him. The Curious Expedition is a game still in the early stages of its early access, but if you were to guess just from playing as it is you wouldn’t know. Continue reading “If I were Tesla we would still be writing on typing machines, or how The Curious Expedition is fortunately fictional”