Review: GoNNER

A snake ate and shat me into a room full of enemies: I haven’t had a new level start as inglorious as this since I last played Nidhogg. GoNNER [Official Site] is Art in Heart’s first project, a sequel of sorts to developer Ditto’s pay-what-you-want Hets, available on, and it’s got style. This is a platformer that’ll have you running through procedurally-generated levels while gunning your enemies down and doing your best not to, literally, lose your head, all of this while trying to never stand still for more than a second. Continue reading “Review: GoNNER”


Review: Devil Daggers

There’s merit in simplicity, which is perhaps the easiest way to approach perfection. Reality can never fully take the shape of an Idea – a drawn circle is never actually a circle – but there’s less room for flaw in drawing a line than there is in drawing a dodecahedron. Devil Daggers is a simple game, with few flaws I can think of, but is it a good game? It didn’t take me long to find out. Continue reading “Review: Devil Daggers”