Games we don’t delete

Everyone has them: the game that sits in your Steam library, maybe not seeing as much action as it used to, but still with a corner the size of a few gigabytes on your hard drive, waiting patiently for the day the desire to play it again crosses your mind. Continue reading “Games we don’t delete”


Our weekend in games

I think it’s safe to say that none of us will be doing anything as interesting as playing elephant polo, but it’s the trying that counts. Right? Right. Here’s what our dear contributors are playing this lovely weekend. Continue reading “Our weekend in games”

Our weekend in games

We’re playing this, you’re playing what?

Arvind: I have relapsed back into the frantic and salty world of Counter Strike Global Offensive. Gambling controversy aside, the game remains the top FPS game on the pc market. Oh how I have missed you. Continue reading “Our weekend in games”

The Weekly Gazette

I’d use the same introduction I did on the last Weekly Gazette, but I actually wrote this one before and scheduled the publishing to Sunday, so it wouldn’t be true. In any case, here are my favorite reads of the week: Continue reading “The Weekly Gazette”