Review: The Reaper’s Due (Crusader Kings 2 DLC)

Note: a DLC for Crusader Kings 2 entails dozens of changes and additions. This review intends to cover them in broad strokes and assess how it changes the game, not the particularities of this or that (for that, check the patch notes linked ahead).

The middle ages were a grim time: the Scandinavians still hadn’t grasped what property exactly meant, a single family, instead of a couple of dozen, ruled most of the continent, and Christians liked to come knocking at non-believers’ doors in a way that would make Mormons swell with pride. There were also diseases and plagues, all of this in an era where a cold could be fatal, in no small part because your court physician thinks infections are solved with goat flatulence (thanks, Einar). The latest DLC for Crusader Kings 2 is now out, and while you can check the objective patch notes here (mandatory what they actually mean), I’ve played it a decent bit and written up what I thought below. Continue reading “Review: The Reaper’s Due (Crusader Kings 2 DLC)”


Review: Stellaris

It took little more than fifty years for me to establish galactic supremacy as the Igarian Galactic Assembly. A military republic of religious, long-living felines, it was my manifest destiny to hold political and military sway over the other space-faring peoples. True, I may have shared technology with underdeveloped civilizations with the sole intent of having them as march-states against other, growing empires; and my sprawling web of vassals was mostly the fruit of military intervention, rather than voluntary co-operation; but as a xenophile I never enslaved or exterminated an alien species, even when they were little more than over-sized, rebellious ants, and when the Gold Concordat threatened to expand into my circle of influence I, instead of crushing them, joined their alliance and, as its strongest member, pushed a vote to transform it into the Bright Concord, a pan-species federation where all those willing to work had a place. Continue reading “Review: Stellaris”