Hallowindie, a list of games for your Halloween

Some of you shall celebrate Halloween by dressing in costumes of varying relevance, others will buy some games on the Steam Halloween Sale and a few will do both. If you’re in either of the latter groups, here’s a selection of games from several genres to put your Monday night into the Halloween spirit. Continue reading “Hallowindie, a list of games for your Halloween”


Ready your defibrillator, Amnesia: The Dark Descent free on Steam

I’ve always found horror games to be a genre that requires careful balancing. You can’t overexpose your audience to their enemies or predators, as that diminishes the shock value of these experiences until the player feels like he’s in a different genre; linger too long without having him confront his stalkers, however, and the game’s rhythm becomes tediously uneventful. The threat needs to be real and dangerous, but rather than always there the player needs to be forced into a situation of tension where his antagonist is a looming presence, one heartbeat from materializing into existence. Amnesia: The Dark Descent manages do this masterfully, and it’s now free on Steam, with the rest of the series 80% off until Wednesday. Continue reading “Ready your defibrillator, Amnesia: The Dark Descent free on Steam”