Freeware Archive: Momodora I and Momodora II

I’m going to recommend both of them right off the bat because they’re equal measures short and good. The Momodora series has four entries so far, all of them action platformers where you control a distressed priestess that wields a maple leaf as a weapon, and would ya look at that, the first two of rdein’s games are free. Continue reading “Freeware Archive: Momodora I and Momodora II”


Review: Shadwen

Greetings everyone, I suppose an introduction is due.  I’m Tango and, naturally, I love video games – doesn’t matter how many bits, I play ’em. I cherish Stealth games, so what better way to start up on this site than with a review on one? Ladies and gentlemen, without further ado, the review.

An assassin hell-bent on eliminating the king of a dreary medieval land, all the while taking care of a child who’s lost it all. Sounds good on paper, but is Shadwen a Shadwin? Continue reading “Review: Shadwen”

Review: Necropolis

A rogue-like dungeon crawler that inspires itself on Dark Souls, has a gorgeous art style, decent enemy variety and a readily available drop-in co-op mode that’s a blast to play. What could possibly go wrong, I thought to myself? Many things, it turns out. Continue reading “Review: Necropolis”

Review: Furi

Furi is a game about weaving a path between bullets and lasers until you reach one of the many bosses you’ll face, whittling him down until you deal the killing blow and move on to the next boss. It’s hard, it’s fast, and it’s the wet dream of anyone fond of boss rush segments. I’ve played it for a decent bit, though I’ve yet to defeat a couple of bosses, and here are my impressions. Continue reading “Review: Furi”

Review: Marvel Heroes 2016

Pros: Surprising amount of depth, varied and engaging heroes, plenty of loot to sort through
Cons: Can be overwhelming for newcomers, too many in-game currencies, bank space fills up fast

From the original boring wasteland that was this game three years ago to a gem of an ARPG, Marvel Heroes hits so many of the right notes when it comes to fun, fast, engaging, and ultimately satisfying gameplay. Continue reading “Review: Marvel Heroes 2016”

Review: Momodora: Reverie Under the Moonlight

Reverie Under the Moonlight is the fourth entry in the Momodora series, a fast-paced action game which clearly draws from games such as Metroid, Cave Story and Dark Souls. Within a genre that the developers have been working on for the past years, the question that I asked myself when I first went into the game – having only played Momodora III before – was how much of an identity it managed to have. Here’s what I found out. Continue reading “Review: Momodora: Reverie Under the Moonlight”

Hyper Light Drifter (finally) released

To say that Heart-Machine’s indie action-adventure game Hyper Light Drifter has been eagerly anticipated by both backers and gamers in general since it was first announced would be an understatement: the game drew in nearly thirty times its asking funds and had an initial release estimated for June of 2014, nearly two years ago. It’s now out on Steam and GOG with a discount of 10%, putting it at $17.99. Continue reading “Hyper Light Drifter (finally) released”