Ronin developer’s Immortal Planet is a souls-like Action RPG on Steam Greenlight

There’s merit in emulating what is one of the best action RPGs ever made, but it comes with the downside of setting a high bar. Immortal Planet admittedly draws inspiration from Dark Souls to create an action RPG that also features death as a mechanic, intense bossfights and a cryptic world to explore. Planned for a mid-year release, it’s currently looking for votes on its Steam Greenlight page. Continue reading “Ronin developer’s Immortal Planet is a souls-like Action RPG on Steam Greenlight”


FORCED gets more SHOWDOWN in upcoming Drone Invasion DLC

FORCED SHOWDOWN is like the rebellious son who looks at his father, successful but not to his liking, and decides to be everything but him. I had to stifle a laugh whenever I saw someone hopeful that FORCED’s sequel (spiritual or direct, you call it) would be a similar, co-op puzzle game – instead, what did they get? An action-rpg that’s a MOBA with deckbuilding elements and hey, why not rogue too, with pets, of course. It also has DLC coming out on the 31st. Continue reading “FORCED gets more SHOWDOWN in upcoming Drone Invasion DLC”

Moonlighter, the child of Zelda and Recettear

I’ve come to the conclusion it’s not work that people don’t like, it’s getting paid to work. Take away any real, tangible reward and suddenly you have people droning away for hours on Korean MMORPGs, Stardew Valley and Farmville. I jest. Or not. In any case, Moonlighter [Official Site][Kickstarter Page] is a game about an ambitious shopkeeper who thinks his five eight hour days working the shop aren’t enough, and decides to head into dangerous dungeons and adventures to get that sweet, secondary source of income. Continue reading “Moonlighter, the child of Zelda and Recettear”

Fabular, a game about many things

Few games have a one-line summary that describes them as ‘a medieval space folktale with action-RPG and roguelike influences’, and Fabular [Kickstarter Page][Official Site] is one of them. I don’t know what’s up with the whole trend of taking a bunch of genres and smashing them together, but this time around we have a game that also coalesces different settings into a single entity. While only time will tell if this works, there’s one thing that Fabular clearly has going for it already: the artstyle. Continue reading “Fabular, a game about many things”

Review: Hand of Fate

I move the piece representing myself to the next down-turned card, which flips over and shows me a damsel in distress, held by bandits. I could assault them without a second thought, or try and win her over by threatening the marauders. As I decide on the latter, four cards pop up – one written huge success, one written success and two, failure. Continue reading “Review: Hand of Fate”