Have you heard of A House of Many Doors?

There are times when I see myself as a sort of pamphleteer, looking at something I enjoy or find interesting and thinking to myself ‘Huh, more people should know of this’. Such is the case with books, TV shows and, evidently, games. I talked of A House of Many Doors back when it was being kickstarted, and since then – with both the kickstarter funds and Failbetter’s Fundbetter initative – it has come a long way. Have you heard of it? Continue reading “Have you heard of A House of Many Doors?”


Is a train with no tracks still a train? A House of Many Doors triple-funded on KS

A House of Many Doors [Kickstarter Page] has just successfully concluded its campaign, garnering more than triple its asking price – do you know what that means? We’ll find out the answer to the century-old question “What sound do legged trains make?”[1]. It’s an exploration, narrative-driven game inspired by Failbetter’s own entries into the genre, Fallen London and Sunless Sea. Continue reading “Is a train with no tracks still a train? A House of Many Doors triple-funded on KS”

Parasite dimension being kickstarted

Fortunately we’re talking about a parasite dimension inside a game, and the only thing it’ll probably leech from you is your time. A House of Many Doors is a 2D exploration game inspired by the likes of Sunless Sea, FTL, Planescape: Torment and Lovecraft – regardless of how the game turns out, at least the developer is tapping into the correct sources of inspiration. Continue reading “Parasite dimension being kickstarted”