Hollow Knight, a game full of bugs – in the good sense

Bugs. The term evokes images of crawling things with fangs and stingers, hiding under our beds and in our shoes, and is rarely associated with something positive. They’re the bane of programmers and the scourge of children – and now, they’re the cute characters of Hollow Knight. Continue reading “Hollow Knight, a game full of bugs – in the good sense”


Review: Primordia

Horatio Nullbuilt, how interesting of a character can you be? How curious is your story? Those are the two questions one who plays an adventure game in the style of Primordia must ask, and hope that the answer to both is positive, as there is no interesting gameplay to fall back onto. Continue reading “Review: Primordia”

Fan your burning Castlevania passion with Dark Flame, on Kickstarter

MetroidVania. It speaks a good deal about how important both Metroid and Castlevania were to game development that an entire sub-genre is named after them. A first glance, even if it were a peripheral glance on a mobile screen under a midday sun, leaves no doubt that Dark Flame [Kickstarter page] is a game of such genre. Continue reading “Fan your burning Castlevania passion with Dark Flame, on Kickstarter”

Nuclear Throne gets an extensive update, to be released soon

Ready your crossbow hammer shovel laser rifle bazooka jackhammer flamethrower super flak gun hyper launcher guns, Nuclear Throne’s clearing out the last, final details as it nears its release date. Here’s the 93rd update, one of the bigger ones, with new art, balancing and voices towed behind the upcoming exit from early access. With the release you can expect your stats to not be erased every other week and a minor price drop. Continue reading “Nuclear Throne gets an extensive update, to be released soon”

There’s a fungus among us: Mushroom 11 germinates on Steam on the 15th

We eat them, we use them as dyes and medicine has evolved by leaps and bounds in no small part because of them (among other less orthodox uses) – and now, we get to play them. Mushroom 11 is a puzzle platformer where you play a blob of fungal growth, and it sprouts onto Steam on the 15th of October. I’ve had my hands on it for a few days and have played a couple of its chapters, so I’ll give you the lowdown on this indie platformer. Continue reading “There’s a fungus among us: Mushroom 11 germinates on Steam on the 15th”

Review: Plague of Shadows (Shovel Knight DLC)

Shovel Knight released last year to ubiquitous praise, and when I played it I immediately knew why: with its NES-inspired gameplay and aesthetics, but without the limitations the thirty year hardware has, Shovel Knight managed to have a lengthy campaign with varied environments, enemies and tools to use, never wearing out on its players and tossing in several collectibles, feats and challenges that kept me buried in it for a long time. Plague of Shadows comes more than a year later as its first DLC, free of charge and with a twist of its own: the new protagonist, a seemingly vial alchemist, plays out a similar adventure to the main game and does so at the same time Shovel Knight does his own quest. And he can dance. Continue reading “Review: Plague of Shadows (Shovel Knight DLC)”

All expenses paid journey into The Curious Expedition

You heard me, so pick your favorite explorer, prepare your gear and pick crew members which are the least likely to cannibalize one another! The Curious Expedition is free for the weekend! With plenty of content already available despite being in early access, now’s as good a time as any to see if this exploration game is your cup of tea.