Review: The Reaper’s Due (Crusader Kings 2 DLC)

Note: a DLC for Crusader Kings 2 entails dozens of changes and additions. This review intends to cover them in broad strokes and assess how it changes the game, not the particularities of this or that (for that, check the patch notes linked ahead).

The middle ages were a grim time: the Scandinavians still hadn’t grasped what property exactly meant, a single family, instead of a couple of dozen, ruled most of the continent, and Christians liked to come knocking at non-believers’ doors in a way that would make Mormons swell with pride. There were also diseases and plagues, all of this in an era where a cold could be fatal, in no small part because your court physician thinks infections are solved with goat flatulence (thanks, Einar). The latest DLC for Crusader Kings 2 is now out, and while you can check the objective patch notes here (mandatory what they actually mean), I’ve played it a decent bit and written up what I thought below. Continue reading “Review: The Reaper’s Due (Crusader Kings 2 DLC)”


Review: Random Access Murder

Ahh the ’80s, what a time to be alive! Mullets, tacky clothes, seizure-inducing neon colors, cheesy movies, synthpop, the golden age of gaming, AIDS and so much more. What a crazy time, the ’80s are truly the pinnacle of the 20th century. Everybody loves this decade because it was too damn fun. Alas, RAM is not. Continue reading “Review: Random Access Murder”

Review: Starbound

This darling indie sandbox with a rocky Early Access career has finally seen the light of 1.0 and well… has been met with some ups and downs from both fans and newcomers alike. Starbound is a game that caught my eye more than a year and a half ago with a short video of some gameplay and some music. Though I won’t talk about that, since the game is in 1.0 and in that sense a lot has changed.
Continue reading “Review: Starbound”

Review: Kingdom: New Lands

Kingdom: New Lands, an expansion of pixel-beauty Kingdom, is a minimalist strategy game where you must build a small settlement and keep your people, and more importantly, your crown, safe from increasingly large hordes of evil critters, who at night spawn from multiple portals to test your defenses. It’s been nearly a year since the first game was released, and now the developers are bringing an updated, expanded version to both Steam and the Xbox One, free for owners of the original game – but what exactly does change? Continue reading “Review: Kingdom: New Lands”

Review: Brigador

Pros: mech game for mech enthusiasts, lovingly crafted game engine, great replay value
Cons: horrible control design, story told through expository passages, lack of character interaction

I have spent a long time deciding how to approach this review. As a huge fan of the MechCommander series, and isometric games in general, there is a lot to love about this game: intricate pixel art, newly built mech engine, deep storyline, great soundtrack, lots of replay value, approachable despite its depth. But for all its triumphs, there are some notable setbacks. Continue reading “Review: Brigador”

Review: Shadwen

Greetings everyone, I suppose an introduction is due.  I’m Tango and, naturally, I love video games – doesn’t matter how many bits, I play ’em. I cherish Stealth games, so what better way to start up on this site than with a review on one? Ladies and gentlemen, without further ado, the review.

An assassin hell-bent on eliminating the king of a dreary medieval land, all the while taking care of a child who’s lost it all. Sounds good on paper, but is Shadwen a Shadwin? Continue reading “Review: Shadwen”

Review: Necropolis

A rogue-like dungeon crawler that inspires itself on Dark Souls, has a gorgeous art style, decent enemy variety and a readily available drop-in co-op mode that’s a blast to play. What could possibly go wrong, I thought to myself? Many things, it turns out. Continue reading “Review: Necropolis”