Indie Spotlight: Blades of the Righteous

Indie Spotlight is a new, regularly posted segment written by me that will highlight some really good and often overlooked Indie games that are available on Steam. If you’re someone who enjoys the indie side of Steam, this may be the segment for you. 

The first game for this segment, as you can probably see from the title, is the aptly named, Blades of the Righteous. This is a neat little turn-based strategy game that involves two main aspects, micro-managing a fantasy kingdom and fighting enemies in a turn-based battle. Developed by Vladimir Slav, this indie gem is definitely worth your time, and allow me to explain why… Continue reading “Indie Spotlight: Blades of the Righteous”


Our weekend in games

I think it’s safe to say that none of us will be doing anything as interesting as playing elephant polo, but it’s the trying that counts. Right? Right. Here’s what our dear contributors are playing this lovely weekend. Continue reading “Our weekend in games”

Freeware Archive: Conquer the Shadow World

It’s in the pose. I mean, the cowboy hat certainly helps, but it’s that slick, laid back pose that really gets the message across. It’s got panache; confidence. This isn’t a cowboy to be messed with. This is not a cowboy I would mess with. That’s mostly true when I’m not playing, however, as Sebastian Janisz’s (click his name’s link, trust me) Conquer the Shadow World is a difficult game where you’ll watch that pixelated hardass die dozens of times before making any meaningful progress. Continue reading “Freeware Archive: Conquer the Shadow World”

Freeware Archive: Tower of Heaven

Tower of Heaven [Flash] is one of those games I can wholeheartedly recommend, safe in the knowledge that anyone who thinks it’s bad is a fool. It’s a platformer with a twist, as hard as it is short. Continue reading “Freeware Archive: Tower of Heaven”

Freeware Archive: VoYD

The Freeware Archive is a new, regularly-posted segment that’ll showcase the best of both indie and free – not free-to-play – games. If you made a Venn diagram with the groups freeindie, and good, that middle spot where they intersect is what these posts would be all about.

And the first of the games I’ve gently curated for you lot is VoYD, by NatPash. A minimalist, hack-and-slash game where you cut through other swordsmen that have the same skillset as you do, all to gentle tunes that look like they were taken from a Philip Glass track. Continue reading “Freeware Archive: VoYD”

Nuclear Throne or Enter the Gungeon?

Let’s entertain the hypothetical scenario of you having to pick either Nuclear Throne [Early Evaluation] or Enter the Gungeon [Review] as the game you’re going to play, whatever the reason for such a limitation may be. You glance at one’s storefront, watch their trailers, observe that the other is the foremost recommended game if you’re looking for something similar, and ask yourself: now what? Luckily for you, I’m here to help. Continue reading “Nuclear Throne or Enter the Gungeon?”

Our weekend in games

So many games, so little time – here’s what the staff are playing. Continue reading “Our weekend in games”