The best in indie gaming trailers

These days I was watching movie trailers for released and upcoming films, when a realization dawned on me – well, I’d actually been building up to this realization with each watched trailer in the past few years: they’re all the same. I’m not saying that the indie movie about a dying girl will have the Inception horn, of course, but if it’s an action movie then yes, you can expect Hans Zimmer to crop up, no exceptions, alongside the sweeping camera takes of a city, a mysterious line read by an important character, fading to black, the building up of silence only to be shattered by a loud noise – it’s all there, and much more too. How fortunate for me that I’m curating a list of my favorite indie gaming trailers, then, much less ordinary and dull than whatever’s the trend in movies.  Continue reading “The best in indie gaming trailers”


Nuclear Throne or Enter the Gungeon?

Let’s entertain the hypothetical scenario of you having to pick either Nuclear Throne [Early Evaluation] or Enter the Gungeon [Review] as the game you’re going to play, whatever the reason for such a limitation may be. You glance at one’s storefront, watch their trailers, observe that the other is the foremost recommended game if you’re looking for something similar, and ask yourself: now what? Luckily for you, I’m here to help. Continue reading “Nuclear Throne or Enter the Gungeon?”

A short guide to what Europa Universalis IV DLC to buy

We’ve all been there – limited funds (or desire to spend them) and the daunting task of having to single out a couple of DLC packages from the myriad of additional content in a Paradox game. With two new major DLCs a year and several cosmetic packs accompanying them, it’s easy to get lost: I’m here to help and tell you which are essential, which depend on what you want to play as and which you might want to wait for a sale. Continue reading “A short guide to what Europa Universalis IV DLC to buy”

20 Games for you to bite into for The Sale

So the Steam Summer Sale is finally upon us. The illustrious moment every year where my wallet gets drained by Gaben and the crew at Valve. Whilst this year’s Summer Sale might not have the glitzy flash sales or the ingenious game, there are quite a few deals that are worth picking up. We at Vox Ludicus have compiled a list of 20 games for you to bite into during this ‘Picnic’ Sale. Continue reading “20 Games for you to bite into for The Sale”

Couch-op bonanza: the best of local multiplayer

Games have existed across mankind’s multiple civilizations for thousands of years, exercising their function of symbolically establishing an alpha male creating bonds between its players and entertaining those involved. If video games have largely been responsible for establishing as common practice to engage in individual entertainment, where you compete against an artificial intelligence or have to accomplish certain predetermined goals, they have also modernized the activity by allowing people to engage in competition or co-operation from across the globe. And yet I’m here to sing praises to its older, pre-internet sibling: local multiplayer games. While playing over the internet is convenient and sometimes the only solution, nothing quite beats being able to shout spit-imbued insults at your friend as you toss him into oblivion in Super Smash Bros. or angrily bitchslap him after he tackles you in PES. Here are some of the best for you to enjoy with the less rage-likely of your friends. Continue reading “Couch-op bonanza: the best of local multiplayer”

The Crusade falters, a brief assessment of Diablo 3’s design

It’s been a busy couple of weeks. Vacation is over and routine has wrapped its tentacles of dullness +5 around me, with tests, work and, worse than all of that, the new season of Diablo 3 taking up my once free time. Last season went on for several months, beginning in April of 2015 and ending on the 23rd of August. As is our habit, me and my group of gaming friends downloaded the game once more, ticked both the seasonal and the hardcore boxes and sallied forth into the demon-infested world of Sanctuary. Continue reading “The Crusade falters, a brief assessment of Diablo 3’s design”