Review: Random Access Murder

Ahh the ’80s, what a time to be alive! Mullets, tacky clothes, seizure-inducing neon colors, cheesy movies, synthpop, the golden age of gaming, AIDS and so much more. What a crazy time, the ’80s are truly the pinnacle of the 20th century. Everybody loves this decade because it was too damn fun. Alas, RAM is not. Continue reading “Review: Random Access Murder”


Kickstart-it: Extreme Gravity Rage

Kickstart-it is a brand new weekly segment where I’ll talk about new, creative projects on Kickstarter, popular projects or anything in between.

F-Zero. A racing series where going under the speed of sound will net you the infamous title of “casul”. A series, which, even though beloved by many, hasn’t seen a proper new entry since the GameCube days. The good ol’ folks over at Next Generation Games might just do what Nintendon’t™ . Continue reading “Kickstart-it: Extreme Gravity Rage”

Review: Shadwen

Greetings everyone, I suppose an introduction is due.  I’m Tango and, naturally, I love video games – doesn’t matter how many bits, I play ’em. I cherish Stealth games, so what better way to start up on this site than with a review on one? Ladies and gentlemen, without further ado, the review.

An assassin hell-bent on eliminating the king of a dreary medieval land, all the while taking care of a child who’s lost it all. Sounds good on paper, but is Shadwen a Shadwin? Continue reading “Review: Shadwen”