Review: Megadimension Neptunia VII

On occasion, I run into something that causes me to question and then come to a realization about myself. Generally, it might be a book or an essay online, or maybe a video. On even rarer occasions, it’s a game.

This is one such game. After spending around 4 hours with it, I came to a rather startling realization for myself. It’s not a dig at the game either, not at all, I rather enjoyed my time with it. But what I realized was this.

I do not like JRPGs anymore.

Again, I have to state that while I have a few specific issues with Megadimension Neptunia VII, the game itself is perfectly fine for fans of the genre. I mean, it got me to laugh, to stare, and to curse while playing it. It wasn’t boring, it had good music and funny characters. I found it enjoyable to a point.

Let’s get right into my Pillars and I will explain myself as best as I can here. Continue reading “Review: Megadimension Neptunia VII”


Can’t be the King of the World, If you’re Slave to the Grind! – Early Evaluation of Secrets of Grindea

Oh, Secrets of Grindea, how I wish I could like you. But you have instead earned from me the moniker “Secrets of Crashia”.

Seriously, this game despite being in EA for the last year or so is still a bit of a buggy mess, at least in Story Mode. And given that I play games like this for the story… yeah.

Let’s get into my Pillars and discuss the good… and the bad.

Oh, and the title of this post is a reference to this sweet song from the 80’s by Skid Row. Continue reading “Can’t be the King of the World, If you’re Slave to the Grind! – Early Evaluation of Secrets of Grindea”

Review: Guild of Dungeoneering

Sometimes I wonder if the gods of Fate/Luck hate me. I have a bad track record when it comes to games that rely on RNG, frequently getting absolutely destroyed no matter how hard I try. And yet, at the same time, I keep coming back to games that use RNG as a determining factor / gameplay element time and time again.

Perhaps I am a glutton for punishment.

Guild of Dungeoneering is such a game. A Strategy Roguelike with a card based battle system and adventure system, this is a game where you can lose a run on the first turn if you are that unlucky. I have had it happen to me often. And yet, its charm and personality and style keep dragging me back to it.

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Review: Steamworld Heist

It has come to my attention recently that I have very different tastes in games from the vast majority of people.

You may find that an odd realization to come to. However, it hit me as I was playing Steamworld Heist, an indie darling that many people love, and I honestly don’t. It’s a great game, don’t get me wrong. Visually stunning, a soundtrack created by the band Steam Powered Giraffe (of which I am a fan) and solid gameplay.

But it’s not my kind of game. And I do have some issues with the PC Port. Yes, I played the PC Port, a key was given to us by the developers and I was the reviewer tapped to try it.

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Review: Stories: The Path of Destinies

I hate trying to write introductory sentences sometimes. It’s difficult to encapsulate something in a few sentences for me. I tend towards the verbose, as I am sure you all can tell.

Today I have the privilege, nay, the PLEASURE, of discussing an absolute gem of a game. A game that took me by surprise and makes me yearn for more. A game that is the result of taking an action RPG like Bastion and smashing it together with a Choose Your Own Adventure Novel. A game that is full of humor, life, and personality.

I present to you Stories: The Path of Destinies, by Spearhead Games. Let’s get right into my Pillars and talk about what makes this game such a special and wondrous treat. Continue reading “Review: Stories: The Path of Destinies”

Review: Voidspire Tactics

Sometimes a game comes along that just seems to fail to connect with me. It may not be a bad game by any means, but for some reason it just doesn’t grab me, it fails to make me want to play.

Voidspire Tactics is such a game. It’s a game that, in my eyes, does a bunch of things competently but brings nothing new to the table and in fact is one of the most boring things I have had the misfortune of playing. And make no mistake, it has some problems.

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Review: Battleborn

If you listen to the internet, this is a game that is not doing well. This is a game that many people say is dying on the PC Platform, and limping along on the consoles. This is a game that has a few issues, bugs, and glitches. This is a game that has been lambasted by other game journalists and review sites as being terrible. This is a game that has been compared, unfavorably, to Overwatch.

This is a game that I personally really enjoy. Continue reading “Review: Battleborn”