Horizon Signal free DLC arrives alongside 1.4 patch for Stellaris

Stellaris [Review] has just grown a bit eventful with its new event DLC, Horizon Signal, written by ex-Failbetter’s Alexis Kennedy, the same Kennedy the new patch is named after. Called a mix of The Twilight Zone and Event Horizon by the author, Horizon Signal will feature a full-on space ghost story in a large series of connected events (as detailed on the writer’s blog), as opposed to the more common individual storylines the game already has.

The accompanying update is less feature-heavy than the previous ones, focusing instead on bugfixing and balance, although Paradox old-timers who’ve always enjoyed getting the dozens of difficult achievements in their other games – or, you know, achievement fans in general – will now have thirty-three new ones to work towards. There’s a short trailer to accompany it, though if you have the base game you can already access both the patch and free DLC.


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