Hallowindie, a list of games for your Halloween

Some of you shall celebrate Halloween by dressing in costumes of varying relevance, others will buy some games on the Steam Halloween Sale and a few will do both. If you’re in either of the latter groups, here’s a selection of games from several genres to put your Monday night into the Halloween spirit.

1. Oxenfree ($4.99, Adventure)


Oxenfree is a coming-of-age adventure game where you play as a girl who finds herself stuck on a ghost-ridden island. You’ll have decisions to make about your and your friends’ fates, mysteries to unlock and hear about and more, all conveyed in dialogue that’s credible and well-written.

2. Sunless Sea ($6.45, Survival/Exploration)


I won’t say I haven’t had my issues with Sunless Sea and its pacing, but once I was able to get through the initial hurdle of finding myself a good rhythm, what a game. What’s particularly great about Sunless Sea is its worldbuilding and narrative, a curation of several hundred thousand words from Failbetter and multiple independent authors.

3. Darkest Dungeon ($14.99, tRPG)


Darkest Dungeon shares the feeling of creeping despair with Sunless Sea, where you can slowly see your death or failure slowly unravel the further you progress into a dungeon due to your previous choices and mistakes. Eldritch horrors abound, too, if you’re one to enjoy your Lovecraftian worlds.

4. Amnesia: The Dark Descent ($4.99, Horror)


While it may not have been the first of its sort, it’s hard to deny that Amnesia was the game that opened the floodgates for the stream of survival horror games that would come. It has a smaller emphasis on jump scares than it does on slowly grinding your nerves by attrition, placing you into a situation of constant tension as you explore the eery environments and try to break free from the cursed castle.

5. Betrayer ($0.99, Stealth/Horror)


With a unique setting, a unique art-style and an ambiance that hearkens back to Aguirre, The Wrath of God, Betrayer is a stealth exploration game that places you in an abandoned Spanish colony in 17th Century North America. The fights are hard and you make for an easy quarry for the ghosts of the Spaniards. It can get a bit repetitive, but the unique art style and setting are worth taking a look at.



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