There’s a storm coming: Tempest expansion for Endless Legend out in two days

Despite its pivotal importance, the sea has often been neglected in strategy and 4x games, from units that turn into boats to a near-complete absence of any maritime mechanics . Endless Legend [Review] is receiving its fourth major expansion this weekend, six months after the release of Shifters, and with the aptly named Tempest DLC comes a new faction, naval warfare and other sea-related goodies.

A faction that’s completely different from the rest doesn’t come out of the blue, either, as Endless Legend’s foremost difference from other 4X games is how boldly asymmetric it is. The Morgawr are a hive-mind civilization from the depths of the sea who have a proficiency over all things sea-related that no other nation can rival: their cities get bonuses if they are coastal; they start with the shipyard technology and can better navigate the seas, all from turn one; and are able to mind-control their foes for their devious purposes.

I particularly like their ‘The Black Spot’ trait, which allows you to declare that someone has said black spot and from then on anyone – even their allies – may attack them.

“Unconditional rulers of the seas, these crabby new neighbors are designed to take advantage of the new additions in Tempest. They will struggle to progress inland, but will encroach on the coastline with a vengeance, backed up by powerful and terrifying naval units. Yet you shouldn’t feel safe from them even far from the coasts, as they are capable of sowing dissent upon previously pacified land, and compel even your staunchest allies to attack you…”

To accommodate the oceanic species comes a slew of changes to the game’s sea-related mechanics: naval warfare has been added, with accompanying ship sets in the research tree to help guide your nation to ruling the waves; a new weather system with fogs, storms and drifting debris, along with resources you can extract from the ocean; sea fortresses that allow you to establish a foothold over oceanic regions; and a leviathan from the deep that will require a strong fleet to be defeated.

The expansion arrives this Friday, October 14th,  and is priced at £9,99/12,99€/$12.99 or whatever your regional pricing says. From now until its release the DLC is discounted by 25%, and if you haven’t gotten into Endless Legend yet, the base game and all previously released expansion packs are marked down by 75%. You can get a glimpse at the expansion on YouTube, where some let’s plays of the game are already up.


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