Wasteland 3’s crowdfunding campaign up

And this time the wasteland is Colorado and its frozen scenery. I’m honestly flabbergasted that a role-playing game would use copious amounts of snow as a setting, but here it is! There’s a trailer and a campaign on Fig, that crowdfunding platform that isn’t Kickstarter, and all sorts of neat information below, like the fact that you can now play it with a mate (I should’ve buried that deeper into the post).

This is Wasteland, after all, and there’s no welcome as warm as the one of an axe-wielding cannibal. I specially like how they leisurely watch as a ranger climbs into a car with a turret and proceeds to mow them down, but such is life in the cold – unforgiving and turn-based.

The developers are looking to raise the grand sum of $2.7 million dollars, a goal they’re more than halfway toward. For those of you who consider crowdfunding and kickstarter to be synonyms, Fig is the platform where you get to be part crowdfunder, part investor: there’s an actual chance that you not only get to spend copious amounts funding a game’s development, but see some money if it ends up doing well.

My local hospital had a vaccination campaign with the same slogan.

You’ve seen that now you’ll have actual animated people talking when you interact with NPCs, in all their scar-ridden glory, but what else can you expect from the third game in the series? Copious amounts of snow, yes, the highest psychopath density in gaming, obviously, but other nice things as well, like vehicles and base-building.

As the last surviving member of Team November, you’ll have some new tools to guarantee your success and survival in frigid Colorado. Vehicles have been added, and you can customize them to aid in your struggles: from adding elements of cover to attaching a turret, pimping your ride might be the difference between taking an axe to the face or brushing away a group of cannibals as if you had a machine-gun. As they say, never bring an axe to a mounted turret fight.

Snow might look all the same to the untrained eye, but the Inuit have dozens of words for the different types of this white precipitation. That means entire groups of people in northewestern Canada do not think many of the scenarios look similar.

Another element, one so cherished by gamers it’s become a staple of the medium, is base-building! Everyone likes having a nice home, and your ranger is no exception. The Fig page claims that the base will have more of a macro importance and won’t bother you with the managing of minor aspects, instead functioning as a base of operations that is core to the narrative. Decisions and progression will alter and evolve the base, changing it as you play more of the game.

But what is likely the most novel is the multiplayer – a mixed batch of story-driven synchronous and asynchronous multiplayer – where your choices can ruin your friend’s game alter the history and landscape of someone else’s Wasteland, merit of the game’s “highly reactive world”. As said on the Fig page,

“At the same time, co-op players will enjoy working together to change Wasteland 3’s highly reactive world… or finding ways to destroy what their friend has worked to accomplish.”

I for one welcome the trial of friendship in gaming, for what kind of friend is worth having if he can’t see the humor in your wanton destruction of his base in Minecraft, or the complete foiling of his plans in a game of Divinity? That, dear reader, is not a friend you wish to have.

Arm(or)ed Vehicles and post-apocalyptic scenarios go together like Mad and Max.

Given the quality of Wasteland 2, specially the Director’s Cut, I’m eager to see where inXile will take their third game in the series. If you’re the type to Fig projects, a veritable patron of gaming, Figging Wasteland 3 can be done here, though the fact it’s been 92% funded in a couple of days means development isn’t hinging on your $25. The game is estimated to release by the end of 2019, although an early access version is likely to arrive before that.


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