Rights of Man new developer diary; expansion out in four days

Europa Universalis IV [Official Site] has been around for quite a while – just a bit over three years – but its staying power as Paradox’s best-selling historical strategy game has not diminished, courtesy of eight content packs and frequent updates. Rights of Man [Official Site] was announced a month ago and has just received a long developer diary covering the expansion as a whole, four days away from its release.

As usual, the expansion will have paid content and the free things introduced with 1.18, the Prussian patch. The main focus of Rights of Man seems to be the Global Powers – the eight strongest nations in any given time during a EU4 game – who will now have specific interactions they can carry out against other nations, such as intervening in wars to shift their balance, taking over a nation’s debt and ingratiating them in turn, breaking alliances between two countries and other things.

Don’t fret, however, as even if you take particular joy in playing as Kongo or Nepal, there will be new interactions for the lesser nations as well. Queens can now become consorts, doing away with the no-war regency periods that we knew all too well; rulers shall now have personality traits when they enter adulthood, granting your nation bonuses or penalties in specific areas; and new government forms for specific nations, such as Prussia and the Ottomans. These changes come alongside the ability to abdicate, new subject interactions and changes to the Coptic and Animist religious systems. You can take a look at the specific changes here.

Patch Note: bad heirs now a hundred percent more prone to hunting accidents.

As in their previous expansions, Rights of Man will be accompanied by the free 1.18 patch, which will include new ideas, new achievements, improved AI, a new culture system that will allow you to manually select which cultures are accepted or not in your nation, and what is hailed as the flagship change: a new technology system. Whereas previously western Europe was always technologically ahead of the rest of the world, institutions will now spawn in semi-historical places across the world, and how much you work toward embracing these institutions – from the renaissance to the printing press and colonialism – will dictate how well your nation keeps with the times.

Rights of Man is now available for pre-order on the Paradox store, priced USD 19.99 and with the possibility of acquiring the accompanying content and music packs. If you still haven’t dabbled in Europa Universalis or its DLCs, take a look at our short guide on which DLCs you should prioritize.


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