Sunless Sea’s Zubmariner out in less than a week

And it has a trailer now, nice. Sunless Sea‘s [Official Site] Zubmariner is the first content pack for the role-playing slash exploration game by Fallen London developers Failbetter Games, and will broaden – or deepen – your frontiers by introducing the Unter-unterzee. It’s out in less than a week, on the 11th, free for those who bought the game in Early Access, almost a year after it was first announced.

I’ve talked about it before, but for anyone to whom this is news, the DLC will allow you to submerge your vessel and explore an entirely new region, the Unterzee’s sea (zee?) floor, where new horrors, civilizations and mysteries wait. Take a look at the release trailer below:

The drums are nice, but I missed the dramatic foghorn from the first. There’s no information yet on price.


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