Operation Sonnenblume: 1.2 “Sunflower” patch out for Hearts of Iron IV

Hearts of Iron IV [Review], the latest entry into Paradox’s library of Grand Strategy games, has just received its second major patch, Sunflower. Whereas other Paradox grand strategy series span centuries, Hearts of Iron is its World War 2 simulator, where the fate of nations across the globe will be defined in a decade of conflict. While for those who are in a 1.1 save game it might be interesting to remain so, the patch includes a slew of bugfixes and improvements to performance that otherwise you won’t want to miss out on.

You can check the patch notes out in their complete, extensive glory here, which will also tell you how to configure your game so that it doesn’t update Hearts of Iron and you can finish any eventual 1.1 games you still have to end.

My overview of the patch notes as a mere amateur of Hearts of Iron – I’ve yet to get past the hundred hour mark, a feat I’ve done five times over in some of their older games (should I be proud of that? Because I sort of am) – brings a few features I think are particularly important, such as the ability to set different difficulty configurations for the Third Reich, Italy, France and the Soviet Union, as well as an important balance update to naval combat, with light cruisers having their supremacy somewhat crushed.

There doesn’t seem to be a single, big change as some of their content patches have, but we’ll see some improvements in AI behavior, which’ll forego encirclement attempts if they’re too risky, and some quality of life changes, such as the ability to hotjoin multiplayer games.

I’d read them myself if I were you, as Paradox’s patch notes are notorious for having sentences that sound interesting, to say the least, when taken out of context. I particularly liked “Japan AI now has semi sanity triggers before starting new wars via focus”. You can also take a look at reddit user’s AsaTJ post “Patch 1.2 “Sunflower” Notes – What They Actually Mean“.


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