Prove yourself to the Gods in Jotun’s new Valhalla Edition

Fancy striking some colossal giants down, proving to the gods you’re a worthy shieldmaiden and learning a handful of things about Norse mythology all at the same time? Jotun [Review] might just be your thing, and with its recent release on consoles comes an updated edition aptly named ‘Valhalla’.

The Valhalla mode for Jotun is a result of the kickstarter’s New Game plus stretch goal, and if the concise press release is to be believed there’s one new thing awaiting original players: Valhalla Mode, a boss rush mode with harder versions of the jotun. If you’d found getting the achievements or improving Thora’s skills weren’t enough in terms of replay value, you can now test yourself in the latest version, now out on every platform – and discounted for 50% across multiple stores (GOG/Steam/Humble).

With it comes three new achievements, although the biggest change for the developers is likely its release on the WiiU, Xbox One and Playstation 4. As I mentioned in the review, Jotun is a game I felt was best around the first time I played it – seeing the story, the sceneries and learning the bosses – with its best moments in terms of gameplay being the boss fights, so a mode that is just those is a welcome addition.


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