N++ ninjas itself onto PC on the 25th

Yes, add an to a word and it becomes a verb. N++ is a minimalist platforming game where you have to jump and slide a lot with a stick-figure that looks like a ninja – the N series has done the rounds for over twelve years as N on gaming website Kongregate and as N+ on the X360, DS and PSP, and now it’s coming to Steam as, yes, N++. You pronounce it N add add.

I’ll let you in on a secret: I play on consoles, too, and I actually played the Xbox Live Arcade version of N+ several years ago. At the time I wasn’t used to constructing the elaborate reviews I now am, but I do recall it being entertaining and getting rather hard, rather fast. The latest version doesn’t change the principle of the game, as you’ll still be darting across levels and avoiding hazards with a stick figure that’ll quickly get used to dying.

I now want my epitaph to say ‘Oops’.

The game’s press kit tells me it’ll have thousandof hand-crafted levels, six hours of music, local multiplayer (co-op and competitive), a level editor (with cross-platform level sharing), leaderboards and over a hundred hours of gameplay. It looks great in motion, too, so have a gander at one of its trailers:

It comes out on the 25th of August on Steam, and the Toronto-based developers have given it a $14.99 price tag, discounted at 20% for the first week after launch.


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