Sunless Sea Zumbariner DLC zails into the unter-unterzee on October 11th

Ahoy, zailors! If you felt that you’d seen everything there was to seen in Sunless Sea‘s Unterzee, having charted its mercurial geography and established spy rings in its most populous enclaves, I bring good news: access to the depths of the underground sea will be available on the 11th of October, less than two months from now. If you hadn’t heard of the expansion, the aptly named Zubmariner will allow you to change your ship into a submarine, going beneath the water’s surface, where new horrors and oddities await.

Zubmariner marks the first piece of paid DLC for the game, free of charge if you happened to get the base game while it was in Early Access, and while the developers have released new questlines and stories since the game came out, Zubmariner shall be an expansion in the truest sense of the word, introducing an entirely new area beneath the zee you’ve grown used to: the zee-floor.

New cities, new beasts, new limitations.

In the zee-floor you’ll find wrecks of old ships, not fortunate as you have been; beasts that would make those on the surface seem tame; and ancient cities that have changed due to their isolation. According to Narrative Director Chris Gardiner:

“Beneath the Unterzee it’s dark, hostile, littered with plunderable wrecks and haunted by the worst horrors of the Neath. You aren’t meant to be down there. You’re a trespasser. But that makes you both sacred and profane to those who dwell below.

The ports on the zee bed are a level weirder than those on the surface, and their inhabitants have been changed by the deeps. Some are hiding, some are hateful, some are mad. Some are all three, and have very big ambitions. Players may have something to say about that.”

Yessss, feed into my very rational thalassophobia…

As one can expect from how conventional submarines function, in the unter-unterzee you shall be limited by two new mechanics – oxygen and your sonar – and will have to take them into account when navigating and tackling the new beasts of the depths, among which you can expect at least one who is as as powerful as Mt Nomad.

You can read and see more of the upcoming expansion at Failbetter’s site, where the developers publish monthly updates detailing the expansion and showcasing both screenshots and concept artwork for the frightening inhabitants of the depths.


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